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Which events is British Esports speaking at?

The British Esports Association often attend public conferences, trade shows and other gaming events.

If you want to find out about our views or catch-up in person with us, attending these events is a great way to do so. Here's a list of some upcoming events we'll be attending or speaking at.

Opportunities for brands in esports - November 21st

With the esports industry booming and the market forecast to reach $1.5 billion in revenue by 2020, more brands than ever are looking for a way to step into the sector. This event acts as an introduction to the esports landscape to help you identify where your brand could fit into the space.

More info: Ukie website

UK Sports Analytics Conference 2017 - November 24th

The 2017 United Kingdom Sports Analytics Conference (SAC UK) is a forum for industry professionals and executives interested in the role of data and analytics in the European and global sports industry.

British Esports founder Chester King will be speaking on November 24th at 3.10pm in an esports panel alongside Moritz Maurer from Genius Sports, David Yarnton from Gfinity/Ukie, as well as MLG and Federico Winer from the SAP.

More info: UK Sports Analytics Conference

Children's Global Media Summit 2017 - December 5th-7th

British Esports founder Chester King will be talking in a session called 'The Anatomy of a Trend'.  

The blurb reads: "Trends come and go. As esports goes mainstream, we look at the anatomy of a trend and how they can change the landscape. Is esports here to stay and buck the trend of trends? How is kids’ media set to ride trends in the future?" 

Speakers at the Summit will include CEOs/founders and high level decision makers from companies like Netflix, Microsoft, Google, Disney and more.

More info: Children's Global Media Summit

Gamesforum London - January 24th-25th 2018

Gamesforum London is taking place in early 2018 in the County Hall in Westminster. It will be bringing together over 500 people from across the entire games industry for two days of talks and meetings to help kick off the gaming year.

British Esports will be sending a panellist on January 25th to join a panel that will be focusing on esports at a grassroots level.

More info: Gamesforum website

European Lotteries Marketing Seminar - February 7th-9th 2018

The Marketing Seminar will be moderated by Karen Connell, an internationally renowned brand and marketing consultant.

There will be a panel dedicated to esports, which British Esports will take part in, explaining the trend and analysing what it means for the gambling sector.

More info: European Lotteries website

For more esports events and conferences, check out our events calendar here.


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Future Games Summit 2017 Esports Workshop 

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17 November Winter Finals 

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IEM Oakland 

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European Lotteries Marketing Seminar 

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Opportunities for brands in esports 

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WESG European Qualifiers 

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WESG European Qualifiers 

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ESI Forum 5 - Open all hours, the opportunity for venues 

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Clash Royale Crown Championship World Finals 

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Children's Global Media Summit 

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Children's Global Media Summit 

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