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Which events is British Esports speaking at?

The British Esports Association often attend public conferences, trade shows and other gaming events.

If you want to find out about our views or catch-up in person with us, attending these events is a great way to do so. Here's a list of some upcoming events we'll be attending or speaking at.

Esports Bar Cannes - February 12th-14th

Esports Bar Cannes brings together a selection of top-level management people and opinion leaders from around the world, running from February 12th to 14th.

More info: Esports Bar website

Sport and Recreation Alliance meeting - February 14th

The British Esports Association's content director Dominic Sacco will be joining the Sport and Recreation Alliance's Games and Sports member meeting, and looks forward to engaging with other sports members and businesses in the Alliance.

More info: Sport and Recreation Alliance website

Westminster Kingsway College - March 13th

This college for 16 to 18 year old business and marketing students has invited British Esports founder Chester King to talk at the centre. He'll be speaking about how he developed the brand and his approach to marketing and campaigning.

The talk follows a talk by British Esports advisory board member and caster Ceirnan "Excoundrel" Lowe at the University of Lincoln, and a talk by British Esports' Chester King and Dominic Sacco at Westminster Academy.

More info: Westminster Kingsway website

Esports Insider Super Forum - March 22nd

Online publication Esports Insider is hosting a one day conference focused on the convergence of traditional sports and esports on March 22nd at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge in London.

There will be six panels and workshops with over 25 speakers, an esports business exhibition zone, networking and meetings, tournaments and an after party.

The British Esports Association's content director Dominic Sacco will be taking part in a panel titled 'Esports team ownership: A worthy investment' along with other executives from esports, including the CEO of a big esports organisation. Full details to be announced nearer the time.

More info: Esports Insider Super Forum website

Insomnia62 - March 30th-April 2nd

The UK gaming festival returns to the Birmingham NEC once again this spring, and Dominic Sacco from the British Esports Association will be there, also covering esports tournaments for Esports News UK.

Feel free to contact Dom on Twitter if you'd like to meet up and discuss the association or anything else.

More info: Insomnia website

Women in Sport Summit - June 20th

The Women in Sport Summit is taking place on Wednesday June 20th at The Emirates Stadium in London.

Members of the British Esports Association (TBC) will be exploring the topic of diversity in esports, touch on the growth of the sector and what sports brands should be aware of, and the opportunities esports can present to women in particular.

More info: Women in Sport Summit website

For more esports events and conferences, check out our events calendar here.


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