British Esports Association

British Esports updates age guide - download the latest version here

News - 24 Apr 2018

The British Esports Association, the not-for-profit organisation set up to promote and support grassroots esports, has updated its guide to both educate parents and help children get started in esports.

This downloadable Esports Age Guide PDF breaks down major esports titles by age rating. It’s designed to inform parents, children and teachers which competitively-played video games are suitable for various age groups, from 3+ up to 18+.

The guide combines official PEGI age ratings with British Esports’ own suggestions, as some PC download-only games do not have PEGI age ratings.

It was first put together in December 2017 and will be updated quarterly to ensure the latest games are included and the age ratings are correct.

This time, we've updated the guide to include the likes of Fortnite, Battalion 1944 and others, including the likes of Gwent and ARMS.

You can check out the latest Esports Age Guide here