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British Esports Championships: What students need to know

News - 11 Jul 2018

If you're a student aged 12-19 interested in taking part in the upcoming British Esports Championships for schools, colleges or Alternative Provision schools, here's some of the key info you need to know.

The Championships are open to all secondary schools, Further Education (FE) Colleges and Alternative Provision (AP) schools in the UK and will be PC based. Official entries for the Championships are open now and will close on September 26th.

The Championships will be split in to two, eight week seasons with weekly fixtures starting in early October. Fixtures will take place afterschool on the same day each week during term time and will run until Easter 2019. Our plan is to host the Grand Finals at Insomnia at the NEC, Birmingham during the Easter holidays.

The Championships will run using three of the most popular, age appropriate, esports titles: 5v5 League of Legends (which has a PEGI 12 age rating), 6v6 Overwatch (PEGI 12) and 3v3 Rocket League (PEGI 3).

Schools/colleges will be able to enter a team or teams in to one, two or all three games.

The British Esports Association is partnering exclusively with Twitch to offer schools/colleges taking part in the Championships the opportunity to be part of the Twitch Student Program (more details at the bottom of this article). Schools/colleges will be able to develop their own Twitch page and stream their games, ideally using their own shoutcaster too. British Esports is also partnering with specialist esports apparel design company, Raven, to give you the opportunity to design your own team jerseys, and AoC Sport (part of the Association of Colleges).

PC requirements

To enter one team in each of the three different games, you will need PCs with a certain minimum specification – in particular powerful enough processors and graphics cards in each PC.

There's more info in our PDF deck here.

What you need to do next:

Find a member of staff

You must find a member(s) of staff who will organise / run the esports club at your school / college. Only adult members of staff can register your team(s) and school / college for the Championships. Try your IT / Computing teachers or other (normally younger) members of staff who you know are into gaming. Or how about a senior member of staff who organises all the different clubs and extra-curricular activities?

How about getting your friends / other students in your school / college to sign a petition asking to start an esports club? The more students you can show are interested in esports, the more likely you are to get a member of staff to support you.

Once you have found a member of staff who is willing to find out more, please direct them to the information for teachers on our website. They can also contact us at if they require any further information or want to speak to someone in person.

Check the specification of your PCs

In the information your teacher can download there are the specific PC requirements of the three different games titles we will be using the Championships. Without PCs of the required specification, you will not be able to take part.

Good luck! We hope you secure the support you need!

If you need anymore help, please contact us at

Twitch Student Program

The Twitch Student Program helps schools, colleges and universities learn how to stream so that friends, parents and others can watch their matches and other gaming activities live online. It's integrated within the British Esports Championships so that colleges and schools can gain access to it and its benefits.

Read more in the official Twitch Student deck here:

Download the Twitch Student deck here