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General esports info

What are esports? An overview for non-fans

A brief history of esports and video games

Spectating esports: Where to begin

Just how big is esports?

What are the different tournament formats in esports?

Who are the highest-earning esports players?

Behind the scenes: Who hosts esports events?

Why more brands should support grassroots esports

Who are the biggest esports teams? 

What other esports associations are there?

Why is collegiate esports so big in the US?

A-Z of esports terminology & competitive game jargon

- What's in a name? The eSports vs esports debate

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Careers advice

Visit our careers hub for advice on all the different esports jobs

Getting a career in esports: What you need to know and how to get started

- How volunteering can help kick-start your esports career

What types of esports jobs are there?

Fnatic's Rekkles explains how to become a pro gamer

Other jobs in gaming

What's it like running a gaming centre? We speak to Jersey's

Volunteer for the British Esports Association

Tips for players and teams

How often should you practise? Tips and advice

Keeping fit and healthy: Exercise, sleep and dietary advice for esports players

How to go pro: Top British esports players share their advice

How to develop a winning mindset: An interview with an esports mental skills coach

- Fnatic's Rekkles explains how to become a pro gamer

- World's first well-known pro gamer Fatal1ty offers his tips on building a brand

Contract advice for teams, organisations and players: An interview with an esports lawyer

The National University Esports League and how to get involved as a student

Esports player contracts: Basic info on how they work

What's life like in a gaming house? 

Ping, latency and lag: What you need to know

What grassroots tournaments are available to players?

Advice for parents and teachers

Which esports games are suitable for children?

Psychologists say games can help teens study and avoid exam stress

More guides and info

How to host your own LAN party or small esports tournament

Diversity in esports: How SKYLLA and AnyKey are making esports more inclusive

What to do if you or someone you know has a mental health problem

What is streaming?

Grassroots esports: Lessons to learn from other countries

What's going on in esports? Check out our event calendar

About the British Esports Association

Other goings on in esports

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