It’s no secret that esports has one of the most passionate fan bases around, who will respect brands that are genuine, knowledgeable and fun – something a good community manager can help influence…


What is a community manager?

This is someone who can look after a community of a particular game, esport, tournament provider or other area of gaming.

They might have to engage with and respond to the community on social media, for example on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, plus platforms including YouTube, Reddit, blogs, websites, Twitch and forums to name a few.

Community managers will usually work closely with the PR and marketing teams, as what they say and do can influence how the audience feel about a product or brand. Because of this, they may be required to write press releases, conduct interviews and post regularly on social media.

They will also need to identify key requests and reactions from the community and feed them back to the team.


What skills you need

Community managers will need to be receptive to the community, and to know the game, product and customer demographic inside out.

The gaming and esports community can be extremely passionate and vocal, so a manager will need to be patient and understanding.

They will need to have a good grasp of social media, know their gifs from their vlogs and keep up to date with the latest and greatest memes. Decision making is also important – which fan content do you share, which tweets do you retweet?

Good communication, writing, video editing and Photoshop skills are recommended. Perhaps most of all, having a personality and style that is in tune with the game or brand at hand.

Communication managers may be required to attend events, arrange meet and greets and help the fans in person too.


Hours and salary

Community and social media management is usually a 9 to 5 role, though for bigger brands (especially those with products and services) consumers will expect someone to hold the fort and answer their questions 24 hours a day.

Salaries vary, but expect junior positions to pay nearer the £20,000 mark and senior managers to earn between £25,000 and £35,000 or above.

Image source: Riot Flickr

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