Product management is a very hands-on role, but what does it consist of? We look at some of the jobs in esports…In esports, product managers will typically look after a specific product, service, project or league.It’s an all-encompassing role that may include developing a business strategy, roadmap, hitting a target, as well as some elements of marketing.The product manager will analyse the market, develops a vision or goal for a specific product and will have to work with several departments to bring the product or league to fruition. Product managers will also have to make sure that everything is on schedule to launch at a certain time.At an esports organisation, a product manager may be required to work on new apps, products such as PC accessories or merchandise, and other initiatives with sponsors and partners.With esports events and tournament providers, a product manager might have to manage a professional esports league, be responsible for the competition’s activities and even work on a social media strategy.When working on a league, you may be required to come up with initiatives to drive engagement, help design the format of the tournament and come up with creative solutions.

What skills do you need?

You’ll need to be a strong communicator, a team player with good business sense and the ability to work under pressure. Experience in sales, events, project management and esports also obviously helps.

Leadership skills will help too – and you may be required to travel frequently depending on the organisation. Good outside the box thinking will go a long way in product management.

Salary and hours

The average product manager salary according to Glassdoor is £50,000, but this includes non-esports roles. The site claims that product managers can earn anything between around £30,000 to £76,000.

Product management is more of a 9 to 5 role than an intense ‘work all day and night’ lifestyle that professional gamers may have. But that’s not to take anything away from its busy schedule – you may need to put in extra hours where necessary, especially with a deadline around the corner.

Image source: Ozkan

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