Video interview with Hills Road Sixth Form teacher: ‘Our students are in the Championships not to tick a box, but to win’

We visited Hills Road Sixth Form, Winter 2019/20 runners up in League of Legends, to find out more about their experience in the British Esports Championships 

British Esports’ marketing manager Morgan Ashurst interviewed teacher David Wright about his views on esports, what benefits he’s seen and how the students have engaged with the Championships.

“There should be an equal amount of pride if your child were to play for their school’s football team, or their school’s League of Legends team,” he said.

“What needs to happen is a nationwide shift in perspective in how esports is viewed. Promoting esports on a national level, trying to get as many schools and colleges to get involved so hundreds are taking part in esports .”

You can watch the full video interview on the right.

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