Game overview / synopsis

ARMS is the newest IP from Nintendo, which was released worldwide on June 16th, 2017. The game prides itself on being a fun and fresh take on standard fighting games as up to four players can choose a fighter, and battle using extendable arms to knock out opponents in the arena.


The first fighting game of its kind!

Choose a fighting champion from around the world, equip your own combination of extendable arms, and then use a mix of button presses and quick hand motions to really take the fight to your opponent.

Throw punches and guide them midflight to hit agile fighters, avoid incoming attacks with dashes, or trampoline high into the air to rain down fists from above.

Power-up your punches to deal extra damage or curve your fists around obstacles to hit skittish opponents. Fill up your special gauge to dish out devastating combinations and finish them off. Unleash your inner fighter in this unbelievable sporting event!

Platforms: Switch
Typical game length: 3-10 minutes
Players: 1v1
Genre: Fighting
Price: £55
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo 

Notable tournaments: ARMS E3 Invitational
Twitch: No official numbers as the game is fairly new

Launched: June 2017
Pegi age rating: 12
Other Pegi info: Contains non-realistic looking violence towards human characters

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