Game Overview / Synopsis

FIFA is a hugely popular football game and the best-selling sports video game series of all time.

The player picks a team and goes head-to-head with an opponent, either online or locally, or against the computer.

FIFA is known for its level of detail and realism, and the popularity of FIFA’s online Ultimate Team mode has helped drive the competitiveness of the title, leading to bigger and bigger esports tournaments such as the FIFAe World Cup, FIFAe Nations Cup, FIFA Global Series and others. 

In the Ultimate Team mode, players are able to spend real money on virtual card packs to unlock new players, managers and other extras for their team. They can then face-off against tougher opponents as they work up the divisions.

Over the past few years, more established football clubs have signed professional FIFA esports players, including the likes of Manchester City, Wolves and PSG, while footballers and former players have set up esports teams like David Beckham (Guild Esports), Gareth Bale (Ellevens Esports), Ruud Gullit (Team Gullit) and many more.

The latest game in the series is FIFA 22.

Game Specifications

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
Typical game length: 10mins
Players: 1v1 (other modes like 2v2 are available but less common in competitive play)
Genre: Sport
Latest game in series: FIFA 22
Price: £59.99 (plus optional microtransactions for in-game player packs)
Publisher: EA Sports
Notable tournaments: FIFAe World Cup, FIFAe Nations Cup, FIFAe Club World Cup, FIFA Global Series
Example esports broadcast:
Popularity: Over 325m game sales in the whole FIFA series
Twitch: 48,700 viewers in May 2021 (Statista)
Launched: September 2021 (FIFA 22)
Pegi age rating: 3
Other Pegi info: Suitable for all persons
More info for parents: Esports parents guide  and Taming Gaming’s FIFA info page