Game Overview / Synopsis

Gears of War is a third person shooter game series, with an over-the-shoulder style camera that follows the action up close.

The story follows a group of war heroes who are fighting to protect humanity from hordes of aliens.

The series focuses on using cover to tactically engage the enemy in battle to avoid taking damage. While behind cover, the player can fire blindly, throw grenades, or aim away from cover and fire.

The player can regenerate their health by staying out of harm’s way for a short while.

If a player is incapacitated, they can be ‘revived’ by another teammate within a certain time limit.

Game Specifications

Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Typical game length: 5-10mins
Players: 4v4
Genre: Shooter
Price: Around £40-£50
Latest release: Gears 5
Publisher: Microsoft
Notable tournaments: Pro League, Majors, World Championship
Popularity: 22m+ copies sold overall
Twitch: 2.7m hours watched in October 2016 across all viewers
Launched: September 2019
Pegi age rating: 18
Other Pegi info: Gross violence towards human-like characters, use of sexual expletives