Game Overview / Synopsis

eFootball is a series of football games that was most recently known as Pro Evolution Soccer (or PES).

While it is not as popular as FIFA today, it still has a dedicated playerbase and the PES titles of the past were much-loved by many gamers.

It’s not as widely followed an esport as FIFA is, but there is a competitive PES scene.

Game Specifications

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, iOS/Android
Typical game length: 10mins
Players: 1v1
Genre: Sport
Latest version: eFootball 2022
Price: Around £25-40
Publisher: Konami
Notable tournaments: eFootball.Open, eFootball.Pro, World Finals
Popularity: More than 111m game sales across the series
Launched: September 2021 (eFootball 2022)
Pegi age rating: 3
Other Pegi info: The content of this game is suitable for all persons