Interview with female esports caster Layla “TamashiiKanjou” Abbott: ‘I want to use my voice to inspire those in the LGBTQ+ community’

As part of the Women in Esports campaign, we have been producing content to celebrate female talent within the esports industry. We’ve done this so far through our social media channel, website and YouTube channel.

The Women in Esports campaign is something we will be doing continously with no campaign end date. Take a look at the other content produced on our Women in Esports hub. 

The most recent series we produced is with esports caster, Layla “TamashiiKanjou” Abbott. Initially Layla started off as a Splatoon competitive player but then decided to pursue casting instead. With experience working with the legendary Nintendo UK, to casting for Esports Scotland, find out more about Layla in our recent video here:


We ran this video series in five segments. For each of the five questions asked, we uploaded five separate videos across our social media pages. To look back on this, make sure you’re following both us and Layla through the links below.

Layla Twitter





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Do you want to get involved in the Women in Esports campaign? Get in touch with either Morgan, Marketing Manager ([email protected]) or Alice Leaman, Schools & Colleges Liaison Officer ([email protected]).

For any other enquiries, contact us here.”I want to use my voice to inspire those in the LGBTQ+ community that not only can
they be who they are but that they can make it in whatever they want to”.

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