Be The Change Summit Proudly Supported by Dell Technologies: Speaker Lineup & Sponsored Workshops Announced

British Esports presents Be The Change Summit, powered by Women in Esports

British Esports, the national body dedicated to supporting grassroots esports in the UK, is thrilled to reveal the exciting details for its upcoming Be The Change Summit, scheduled for the 14th of November 2023.

In collaboration with Dell Technologies and powered by the acclaimed Women in Esports, this groundbreaking online event is poised to unite key stakeholders from various sectors, including esports, education, technology, sports, and video games, to foster more diverse and inclusive communities.

The Be The Change Summit, an initiative of Women in Esports, promises a day filled with insightful panels, engaging workshops, and esteemed speakers addressing critical issues and inspiring meaningful change.

British Esports presents Be The Change Summit, powered by Women in Esports

Here’s some of the key highlights to look forward to:

Keynote Presentations:

  • Sue Lavasani: Account Manager at Tundra Esports and Chair of the Women In Esports Committee, will discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist for women in esports and how this overlaps into other industries.
  • Cassie Hughes: Director Nox Lumina, Co-Founder Black Twitch UK, CM Noir Network, will bring her expertise to the summit, discussing how we can create equal access to opportunities and why allyship is important within the industry.
  • Emma “Emzi” Rose: Transgender Esports Athlete and BAFTA Winner, will discuss her journey in gaming, how she’s dealt with online hate and the organisations that have helped her.

Workshops and Interactive Sessions:

The summit will feature interactive workshops designed to provide attendees with practical tools and strategies to implement good EDI initiatives within their own organisations and communities.

  • Dell Technologies – Embracing Diversity: Building an Inclusive and Equal Workplace: This workshop is designed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Participants will gain insights into the benefits of diversity including increased innovation, improved problem solving and enhanced employee engagement. We will also examine the various dimensions of diversity, such as race, gender, age, sexual orientation and disability, and learn how these intersect to shape individual experiences.
  • Safe in our World – Games as a Refuge: One of the UK’s leading charities focused on promoting mental health awareness throughout the video games industry, and eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health, will deliver a workshop focused on understanding why games are a safe space for many players, and how we can set expectations and challenge behaviours within communities to help them remain as such.

Panel Discussions:

  • The Importance of Representation in Broadcast: Representation matters. This panel will explore the front facing roles in media and the empowerment in positive representation.
  • Supporting Gender Identity and Expression: This panel will discuss the importance of how every individual has the right to express their gender in whichever way they choose, and how we all play a part in fostering safe environments for individuals.
  • Empower One, Empower All: Empowerment is key to the development of any community. This panel explores how each individual is important in championing supportive environments and encouraging anyone to seize future opportunities and foster growth.

Fireside Chats:

  • Why Now? Why Is EDI the Topic of Conversation?: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is high on the public agenda. This panel is a deep dive into how far we have come as a society, and what we have yet to overcome.
  • How To Proactively Be Diverse And Inclusive In sourcing candidates in recruitment”: All workplaces and employers should have inclusive practices in their recruitment process. Join this panel for a discussion on how companies and individuals can be more proactive in their processes to continue to build positive company cultures.

“Newcastle United Foundation is the charity of Newcastle United and our vision is to raise aspirations and create opportunities and we do this by trying to inspire people through the power and brand of Newcastle United and through our programmes and interventions.

Our Esports arena at NUCASTLE allows us to engage with people to provide opportunities to learn more about working in the Esports industry and will take part in regular Esports competitions. We have made a commitment to digital learning so that we promote digital inclusion and engagement.

We promote Esports as a truly meritocratic opportunity for our community regardless of ability, age, sexuality, faith or belief and we are proud to work with British Esports to promote the benefits it brings.” – Steve Beharall, CEO, Newcastle United Foundation

“We are excited to announce this exceptional lineup of speakers and panels for our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Summit,” remarked Billie Purdie, Project Development Lead at British Esports. “This event brings together diverse voices and experiences to drive progress in our industry, and we are looking forward to meaningful discussions and actionable insights.”

See the full agenda and guest speakers here.

As the esports community continues to grow, Women in Esports remains dedicated to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of its development. The Be The  Change Summit underscores the initiatives’ commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable esports ecosystem in the United Kingdom.

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British Esports presents Be The Change Summit, powered by Women in Esports

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