Multiplay Insomnia60: Winning teams and players

Here at the British Esports Association, one of our goals is to promote and support grassroots esports.

With Insomnia60 coming to a close, we list the winning teams and players.

There was a plethora of tournaments that took place at i60 on the weekend, including various daily community cups, and bigger competitions.

We take a look at the winners of the bigger tournaments including the £10,000 Rocket League Open.

Rocket League: Team Defused

  • Scrub Killa
  • Mout
  • Jessie

Call of Duty: Epsilon Esports

  • Joshh
  • Dqvee
  • Hawqeh
  • Vortex

Hearthstone: The Gosu Crew

  • GreenSheep


  • nEiLZiNHo
  • stan1eyy xx
  • frei
  • Puls3
  • weber

CSGO UK Masters: Radix eSports

  • smooya
  • jenko
  • keita
  • roma
  • mole

League of Legends: Enclave Gaming

  • Prelude in C
  • Range Expire
  • Beeley
  • Jakamaka
  • Reclamation

Overwatch: Team Singularity Gaming

  • Paghminister
  • Sindustries
  • Cizti
  • Shax
  • Scaler
  • Kragie

Rainbow 6 Siege

TBC (we have contacted Multiplay and will update this winners list when we hear back)

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