Against the odds: Yasuo Pentakill helps Wycliffe Esports win 4v5 in British Esports Championships LoL match

A teacher from Wycliffe College tells us about a strong performance from his League of Legends team in the British Esports Championships.

Last week, Wycliffe Esports from Wycliffe College (which is actually a school) faced Fisher Falcons in Rocket League and also League of Legends, losing in the first but bouncing back for the second.

Teacher Ian Russell explains: “Our Wycliffe Esports outfit had two games against Fisher Falcons back to back. We were routinely routed in Rocket League, and then ran into some issues with our LoL team. Only four players arrived, so after waiting for a bit we decided to push on with four.

“At the same time a student whom I was responsible for elsewhere on campus suffered an injury that needed an x-ray, so I was summoned to dash him to A&E (it would have been more poetic if this had been the missing fifth student, and if the injury was brought about through computer-gaming, but it was unrelated)!

“Thus, whilst in A&E reception, I got regular updates on the match from Fisher’s teacher through Discord, and had the match waiting for me on replay when I got back to school finally at 9.30pm. Turns out our four also did well to earn a win back against their five.”

It was a Yasuo Pentakill by Yonagi for Wycliffe Esports which was undoubtedly the play of the game. You can watch that moment here:

The whole match can be viewed on Twitch here.

Also, KES Esports managed to win a 4v5 earlier in the season.

You can see the latest standings in the British Esports Championships Season 2 here (under ‘Tournaments’).

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