Social Media

Esports Job Spotlight: Social Media Executive Being a part of the Social Media team means that you are the voice of the business you are working with – you are […]

Sales / partnerships

Esports Job Spotlight: Sales / Partnerships Money makes the world go round, as the saying goes, and it’s sales executives and partnership/sponsorship managers who have a big part to play […]

Human Resources

Esports Job Spotlight: Agent We ask Excel Esports chief people officer Joel Holmes-Darby and esports headhunter Joe Hills (formerly of recruitment firm LFG) for their advice in HR and recruitment […]

Product Manager

Esports Job Spotlight: Product Manager Product management can be a very hands-on and dynamic role, but what does it consist of? We look at what it involves in esports…  In […]

PR / Marketing

Esports Job Spotlight: PR / Marketing Companies or teams will always be looking to grow their fanbase and get maximum exposure, and PR and marketing executives can help them do […]

Organisation Manager

Esports Job Spotlight: Organisation Manager Managing a company or team requires serious hard work and dedication, but it can also be hugely rewarding. We get some advice from Fnatic CEO […]


Esports Job Spotlight: Observer Unlike traditional sports, where camera people work for a third party broadcaster, esports events will usually have their own observer who controls what is seen by […]

Pro Gamer

Esports Job Spotlight: Pro Gamer Professional esports athletes – or pro gamers – are players at the top of their field. But what does it take to become a pro? […]

Journalist / Content Creator

Esports Job Spotlight: Journalist / Content Creator Unearthing news stories, interviewing players and coming up with a compelling narrative is all in a day’s work for a journalist, plus there […]

Event Manager

Esports Job Spotlight: Event Manager Competitive gaming really comes to life at a physical event, and while putting on a tournament can be hard work, it can also be incredibly […]