Community Manager

Esports Job Spotlight: Community Manager It’s no secret that esports has one of the most passionate fan bases around the world. Teams, leagues and other brands will need good community […]

Coach / Analyst

Esports Job Spotlight: Coach / Analyst Behind every great esports team are staff who will help train the players and get the best out of them. Here’s some key info […]

Caster / Host

Esports Job Spotlight: Caster / Host Commentators and hosts are a key part of esports – they can really bring matches and events to life. We look at the roles […]

Broadcast / Production

Esports Job Spotlight: Broadcast / Production Every good esports event will have a team of backstage whizzes pulling the strings. We asked experienced esports broadcast director and producer to help […]


Esports Job Spotlight: Agent Some professional gamers, hosts or other talent in esports will utilise to agents to help get them work, maybe handle their branding, or enter into contract […]

Admin / Referee

Esports Job Spotlight: Admin / Referee What is a tournament admin? Admins (or esports referees) will record the outcome of matches, make sure that the players are sticking to the […]