Esports in Education Summit 2023

Days Hours Minutes Seconds WHAT’S THE ESPORTS IN EDUCATION SUMMIT? The Esports in Education Summit is an annual event that brings together those in the esports industry, and educators to […]

Getting started in esports graphic design

Man's hands doing graphic design on a laptop

Graphic designers in esports are the unsung heroes of the industry, as they make sure that what the audience sees is eye-catching.  But how do you go about getting into […]

Getting a career in esports

As the esports industry has grown, so has the variety of career options available. If you’re looking for a career in esports, there are many options available today, aside from […]

GreyHart’s top tips for esports shoutcasting

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your skills as a shoutcaster? Stanley ‘GreyHart’ Barker shares his top tips on how you can improve your shoutcasting game. GreyHart is […]

Getting into esports hosting

Esports hosts are the heart and soul of broadcasts, and the show would not go on without their work. But how do you break into the hosting scene? In this […]

Becoming an esports tournament admin

Ever wondered how esports events run so smoothly? Well, tournament admins are the unsung heroes behind the scenes that ensure tournaments are put on without any major hitches. In this […]