Alex Davies

Alex Davies Performance Advisor at British Esports

Alex Davies


Expertise & Background: Alex has worked at the professional, elite level in esports for the last 5 years as a Performance coach and now Head of Performance.

Prior to this Alex worked in the world of traditional sports in various roles such as coaching, operations, Facility management and more for the previous 13 years. Alex has a wealth of qualifications including Personal Training, Mindfulness and Breathwork Practitioner, Nutritional Advisor, Sports coaching and has a degree in Sports Management.

Current Role & Contributions: Alex currently works in an advisory role to British esports in which he works to help the British esports staff and wider community develop their performance capabilities. Alex has led seminars and webinars with College’s competing in the Student champs and has worked to help National Squads at a variety of different international competitions. Most notably helping Team GB attain two silver medals at the European Games Esports Championships.

Focus Areas: Alex has a particular passion to ensure that both those within the esports industry and those looking in have the correct mindset to ensure they can perform at their best. Alex hopes to gradually change the preconception and ideas as to what makes up an esports athlete. For example Alex has spent significant time helping educate those in and out of the industry to better their diet, their sleep and their exercise habits to support their in game performance.

Goal: My goal is to ensure that I make a mark on the next generation of the esports industry to ensure that those coming up will heavily favour both staff and player performance and wellbeing in the future.

If Their Life Was a Movie Title: Kaizen

“It is important to me to ensure that whilst working at esports I can contribute to both the professional side of the industry but also the grassroots side too. Working with British Esports gives me a fantastic opportunity to work with a group of talented individuals who are passionate to better the esports ecosystem in Britain.”