Check out our past VoDs here and our latest streaming schedule for here (last updated October 22nd 2020): 


Upcoming streams: 

  • Fun Friday community games and quizzes: October 23rd, 4pm BST
  • World Esports Day stream: October 24th, 12pm BST
  • British Esports Championships Rocket League: November 4th, BST
  • British Esports Championships League of Legends: November 11th, 4pm BST
  • British Esports Championships Overwatch: November 18th, 4pm BST


General Schedule on repeat:

  • Mon 4pm: Interviews/masterclass sessions/Women in Esports/panel sessions
  • Wed 4pm: British Esports Championships matches (from October 7th)
  • Fri 4pm: Competition to Community: Fun Fridays (quiz and community games)


See our initial streaming announcement here