Get involved in July Takeover Month & watch British Esports’ first guest stream! Tamashiikanjou hosts Splatoon 2 matches

The VoD of British Esports’ very first takeover stream is now live.

British Esports Splatoon 2 game adviser Layla ‘Tamashiikanjou’ Abbott hosted the special stream, talking all things competitive Splatoon 2.

She ran through info on the UK Championship, other Splatoon LANs and events, provided insight into the scene and also hosted some exciting matches between top UK teams and talent.

The caster also interviewed some players and spoke about being a caster in this space. She highlighted Nintendo PlayUK and the Squid League, as well as EndGame TV and the Girls Duo Cup, the women’s only tournament.

The video is now available to watch again (see right).

The Twitch stream pulled in almost 2,000 max viewers, 18,000 unique viewers and 22,000 live views, and was featured on the Twitch homepage, giving some great promotion to the game and its competitive scene.

Thank you again to Tamashiikanjou for hosting this stream. You can follow Tamashiikanjou on Twitch here and Twitter here

If you’re a game adviser, or someone else who would like to host a stream on the British Esports Association channel, please email us! We’re planning on hosting a special takeover month throughout July!

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