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Empowering Education Through Competitive Gaming.

British Esports are driven by a mission to raise the game for the United Kingdom and empower the next generation of amateur esports athletes by enriching the esports ecosystem and inspiring a generation.

Based on three simple goals to promote, improve and inspire, we’re leading the growth of amateur esports throughout the United Kingdom. From competitive gaming in early education to cutting edge curriculum that bridges the digital skills gap, we’re dedicated to fostering opportunities for grassroots esports enthusiasts and revolusioning academia through competitive play.

We champion inclusivity, wellness, and community engagement and advocate for supportive policies and best practice in safeguarding and child welfare. We’re building the infrastructure to inspire a new generation of medal winning athletes and professional gamers, and we’re cultivating entrepreneurship through innovative education and business incubators.

Engaging thousands of amateur esports athletes across the country and building cross disciplinary collaborations with the worlds leading organisations in esports, education, technology and more, we’re creating a new generation of innovators and trailblazers.

Discover how we bring our mission to life. Explore our projects and initiatives and join us in empowering the next generation of esports athletes and business leaders.

College teams competing in Rocket League at Esports at Bett 2023


British Esports was established with three simple goals, to promote, improve and inspire the esports ecosystem throughout the United Kingdom.


British Esports harness the transformative impact of esports and competitive gaming to drive positive change in individuals, communities and society.

We spearhead the leading amateur grassroots esports tournaments in early education, igniting passion and introducing the essence of competitive play to young enthusiasts.

Having pioneered cutting edge curriculum that bridges the digital skills gap, we enable students to explore dynamic career pathways in esports, digital and creative sectors and we foster inclusivity through outreach and engagement in diverse communities.

At British Esports, competitive gaming is more than just competition. It’s a transformative active media that touches lives in remarkable ways.

Explore the ways in which we promote esports and increase its levels of awareness and understanding.

College teams competing on the stage at Esports at Bett 2023

How we promote esports

Discover how the British Esports Federation promote esports and competitive gaming throughout the United Kingdom and raise awareness of its transformative nature.

improve standards
& opportunity

British Esports are at the forefront of amateur grassroots esports development throughout the United Kingdom.

From the worlds first National Esports Performance Campus dedicated to the cultivation of amateur esports athletes, to the largest amateur esports tournament in early education, we’re improving esports standards and developing opportunities in competitive gaming.

Representing the national interest on the global stage in medal based competition, we collaborate with world leading sports organisations to further esports perception and acceptance as a legitimate active media and performance based activity, where health and well being are just as crucial as technical skills and strategic gameplay.

Discover how we’re improving standards and opportunities throughout the United Kingdom.

Emma Emzi Rose at the Esports in Education Summit 2023

How we improve esports

Explore the proactive initiatives the British Esports Federation develops to help advance esports infrastructure and foster an inclusive industry that embraces all participants.


British Esports actively nurtures future esports talent through by developing invaluable opportunities for aspiring athletes to showcase their skills in competitive play.

We cultivate a fertile ground for aspiring esports stars by fostering a culture of inclusivity and encouragement. From providing educational resources that foster skill development to facilitating platforms for young gamers to participate in competitive play, we aim to empower and inspire..

Empowering the emerging talents in esports, British Esports is dedicated to creating tomorrow’s heroes who will shape the future of competitive gaming.

Discover how British Esports inspires and supports future esports. Help us unlock the doors to opportunities and guidance that fuel the ambitions of tomorrow’s esports stars.

Esports nations of Great Britain at the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022

How we inspire

Discover the opportunities and platforms the British Esports Federation develop to showcase and inspire esports talent throughout the United Kingdom.