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Established in 2017 in response to the increased interest in esports and competitive gaming, Esports Scotland was founded in order to build a thriving esports community, bringing together players, teams, event organisers and fans from across the nation.

With a focus on fostering skill development and competition, Esports Scotland aims to empower local talent and provide opportunities for recognition in throughout the international esports industry.

Dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive gaming environment, free from issues such as toxicity and harassment, Esports Scotland is committed to promoting and advancing the competitive gaming scene and ensuring it remains accessible to all.

Esports Scotland at the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022

“We want to unite Scotland’s gamers, coaches and fans to represent what is a truly vibrant esports community in Scotland and help them all bask in the glory of this global platform.”



James Hood from Esports Scotland celebrating medals at the Commonwealth Esports Championships

Developing LOCAL
Esports Talent

Empowering Scottish Esports: Local Talent Development.

From children playing community cups for fun in their bedroom to battlegrounds, where players can compete for money, Esports Scotland brings together the highest level of esports players throughout Scotland during the Scottish Esports League each year.

In 2022, this featured Rocket League, VALORANT, League of Legends, Counter Strike and Guilty Gear Strive and took place at the Gardyne Theatre, at Dundee and Angus College.

Esports Scotland on the main stage at the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022

Scotland on
the Global Stage

Showcasing Scottish Esports Talent.

Esports Scotland fielded an impressive lineup of talent and support staff in both Rocket League and eFootball for the Commonwealth Esports Championships in 2022. Among the notable players were individuals with ties to esteemed organisations like Tundra Esports and Guild Esports

In the eFootball cateogry, the Esports Scotland team showcased the skills of Gary ‘xBigStuff’ McInnes, alongside eFootball coach Adam Ryan, both with previous experience in representing the Scottish National team at FIFA.

Competing in the women’s Rocket League competition at the Commonwealth Esports Championships was popular streamer Jordan ‘Jorhdys’ Drummond, along with Kelly ‘ScottishKelz’ Wyse and Sophie ‘STVN’ Stevenson. Guiding the team was coach Mark ‘Markydooda’ Exton, renowned for his previous coaching stint with Guild Esports in Rocket League.

Esports Scotland
Defining Moment

Commonwealth Esports Silver Medalists.

Esports Scotland proudly secured two remarkable silver medals during the 2022 Commonwealth Esports Championships in Birmingham, UK.

Their outstanding performance led to podium finishes in two highly competitive categories, including the eFootball Open and the Rocket League Womens tournament.

This remarkable achievement showcases the team’s exceptional skill, determination and prowess in the esports arena, solidifying Scotland’s place among the top national contenders in the global esports landscape.

James Hood from Esports Scotland celebrating medals at the Commonwealth Esports Championships

Hall of Fame

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