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National Esports Guidance From British Esports.

The British Esports Federation curates teams and players that represent Great Britain and Northern Ireland throughout various nations based esports tournaments and individual show matches.

This role involves identifying, nurturing, and organising esports athletes who embody the spirit of competitive gaming excellence on the international stage, ensuring their participation in diverse and prestigious esports competitions worldwide.

Respected figures in British esports, including Mark Weller, Ryan Hart, and TeaGuvnor, have played crucial roles in selecting and managing the talent.

They’ve spearheaded our teams in various competitions such as the Global Esports Games, Commonwealth Esports Championships, eFIBA, and more.

Great Britain secure 2nd place at the European Esports Games Championships 2023

“It’s a tremendous achievement for everyone involved to see these athletes representing the home nations in esports. To see them create a legacy and become role models for others, including younger generations and future esports talent, is fantastic.”




Empowering British Esports: National Talent Development.

Not only do tournaments like the Global Esports Games give our homegrown talent a stage to shine on, they help strengthen character and team-building skills.

Great Britain esports teams have taken part in training bootcamps at the British Esports National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland, which also include media sessions, team-building exercises and of course, scrim practice sessions.

Great Britain on

Showcasing British Esports Talent.

Great Britain and Northern Ireland have proudly competed at a number of prestigious tournaments across the globe. Among these, we’ve participated in major events such as the Global Esports Games, the European Games Esports Championships, the Commonwealth Esports Championships, and the eFIBA Open.

Our diverse roster competes across a spectrum of competitive games, showcasing prowess in Dota 2, Rocket League, eFootball, Street Fighter 6, NBA 2K, and PUBG Mobile.

Some of the major achievements include the Great Britain Dota 2 Women’s team clinching a silver at the 2021 Global Esports Games, The4Philzz scooping silver in Street Fighter at the 2022 Global Esports Games alongside outstanding performances Rocket League and eFootball, culminating in Great Britain’s highest accolades as the most decorated team at the European Games Esports Championship in 2023.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland at the European Esports Games.



GEG Medals




National Esports Teams

Great Britain & Northern Ireland DEFINING MOMENT

Global Esports Games Silver Medalists.

Building on our legacy of achievements, Great Britain and Northern Ireland has consistently excelled on the global esports stage.

Our Dota 2 women’s team made headlines by securing a silver medal at the 2021 Global Esports Games, showcasing not only exceptional skill but also the resilience and determination that define British esports.  This was followed by The4Philzz adding to our accolades by claiming a silver medal in Street Fighter V at the 2022 Global Esports Games edition, demonstrating the depth and versatility of our competitive gaming talent.

At the Commonwealth Esports Championships in 2022, hosted in Birmingham, UK, the collective triumph of our national esports teams in securing 11 medals for Great Britain and Northern Ireland marks an unparalleled milestone

Esports England proudly captured five medals, notably securing gold in the women’s Rocket League team category. Meanwhile, Esports Wales claimed three medals, including a prestigious gold in the Rocket League open event. Esports Scotland attained two silver medals, while Esports Northern Ireland celebrated a remarkable gold in women’s eFootball.

Beyond these accolades, the unity displayed among the home nations surpassed mere borders, resonating with a profound sense of togetherness.

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