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The British Esports Federation is the foremost global authority at the intersection of competitive esports and its integration within educational curricula. Empowering the competitive facet of amateur esports while seamlessly integrating educational frameworks, the British Esports Federation is a trailblazer in harnessing the potential of esports as a competitive sport and a valuable educational tool.

Championing nationwide amateur grassroots esports while representing national interests globally, our award winning team spearheads the development of competitive grassroots video game tournaments across secondary schools, further education colleges, and alternative provision schools.

Featuring the biggest esports games, hundreds of institutions and thousands of amateur esports athletes, British Esports has developed the definitive competitive gaming platform for aspiring esports athletes in early education.

Focused on nurturing talent and fostering community growth, British Esports is carving out pathways for amateur athletes from grassroots esports to national representation at medal based events.

Students signing the main Student Champs Jersey for 2023

cultural change

Diverse Voices, Inclusive Spaces.

Our focus extends beyond curriculum development and competitive play. We craft innovative pathways and safe spaces that foster inclusivity and embrace diversity within esports, creative, digital and STEM related sectors.

Our initiatives showcase the potential of diversity and inclusion to drive positive societal transformation. Our programmes are designed to uplift underrepresented groups, creating avenues for marginalised communities and nurturing a more inclusive esports environment.

At our core, we’re catalysts for cultural change, fostering an ecosystem where every voice is heard and every talent is valued, ensuring that esports reflects the vibrant tapestry of our society.

Tom Dore speaks at British Esports' Esports in Education Summit 2022

national interests

Revolutionising National Esports Infrastructure.

The British Esports Federation represent national interests on the global stage and champion the development and investment in the UK’s esports infrastructure.

As the recognised member of the Global Esports Federation for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and founding member of the International Olympic Committee Esports and Gaming Liaison Group, British Esports is responsible for the selection and participation of athletes from GB and NI, The Isle of Man, The Channel Islands and UK Overseas Territories.

Developing cutting edge curriculum, we’ve pioneered the gamification of academic studies and classroom dynamics, launched award winning diversity and inclusivity initiatives, alongside the UK’s largest amateur grassroots esports tournament for for competitive gamers in early education.

We’re leveling up the national esports infrastructure with the National Esports Performance Campus, the worlds most advanced esports and education facility.

We are British Esports.

Beneath the rings at Olympic Esports Week 2023


Strength in Unity.

By collaborating with government departments, policy makers, and world renowned organisations in education, esports, technology, sports and safeguarding we are on a mission to become the world’s leading sustainable esports ecosystem.

With phenomenal growth throughout amateur grassroots esports and a greater appreciation and understanding of transformative impact of esports in education, the future of our esports industry is bright.

College teams competing in Rocket League at Esports at Bett 2023


Building the foundations of the future.

British Esports drive investment in education, business innovation, accessibility and infrastructure to increase the range of opportunities and future career prospects for a generation.    

Discover how we’re making that happen.

Download Our Vision 2030, coming soon.

Great Britain competing at the European Esports Games Championships in Poland


The UK’s Leading Esports Hub.

Home to the British Esports Federation, the National Esports Performance Campus is a 45,000 sq.ft multi-site venue, featuring modern, state of the art offices and contemporary classrooms, luxurious on site accommodation, specialised esports performance rooms, and a dedicated 5G esports arena with retractable seating for 250 spectators and 8 metre high ceilings.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Sunderland, the National Esports Performance Campus is a globally recognised esports hub capable of attracting and developing the world’s very best esports and creative talent.

Join us at the National Esports Performance Campus. where there’s a place for every passion and ambition.


Competitive Grassroots Esports.

Featuring some of biggest esports games, hundreds of schools and colleges and thousands of amateur esports athletes, the Student Champs is identifying the next generation of esports talent and developing player pathways from amateur grassroots esports to national representation at medal based events.

The definitive competitive gaming platform for aspiring esports athletes in early education, the Student Champs is a captivating grassroots esports tournament for students aged 12+, open to all secondary schools, further education colleges and alternative provision schools throughout the United Kingdom.

Join the British Esports Student Champs and unleash your competitive esports potential.

Trophies for the Student Champs LAN Finals winners








Future Skills
for Future Jobs

Developing Skills for Next Gen Careers.

Esports integration in education is at the forefront of our mission, ensuring young learners are prepared for the diverse career paths that lie ahead.

Through our innovative esports focused curriculum, we nurture adaptable skill sets, laying the foundation for success in the digital economy.

As esports continues to flourish, we remain committed to providing accessible educational pathways that bridge traditional academia with the dynamic world of competitive gaming, creating a skilled workforce ready to embrace the future job landscape.

Join us in shaping the future of education, where every lesson sparks curiosity and nurtures the skills essential for success in tomorrow’s landscape

Tom Dore on state at the Esports in Education Summit 2022

“We’re delighted to announce the increased investment and expansion to our state-of-the-art National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland, at a time when the city and region is going through its most transformative period in recent years.”



Diversity &
Inclusivity in esports

Building Diverse Spaces in Esports.

British Esports champions an award winning initiative aimed at empowering and advocating for the active participation of women and marginalized genders in competitive gaming industry.

This dedicated effort amplifies the voices and contributions of trailblazers, innovators and changemakers who are reshaping the landscape of esports.

Explore our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in competitive gaming and discover the projects we’re developing to foster an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, finds a welcoming and equitable space.

Women in Esports talk at Everything in Sport: Women's Edition


Empowering Communities Through Esports.

We believe in the power of esports to make a positive impact far beyond the realm of competitive gaming.

Our social and community initiatives focus on leveraging the influence of esports to drive social change, foster inclusivity, and support our local communities. Through an array of projects, pilots and initiatives, we aim to empower individuals, promote digital literacy, and create opportunities for personal growth and development.

Join us on our exciting journey as we work towards building a better future and opportunity for all.

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