The worlds of education and esports (competitive gaming) are colliding.

Esports is a hugely popular recreational activity that also offers many job and career opportunities around the world. 

The British Esports Association recognises and welcomes this, and is leading the way in esports education to create pathways for young people seeking careers in esports and other closely linked digital industries. We have also created a wealth of esports careers advice too.

In April 2020, British Esports teamed up with global education publisher Pearson to develop the first esports BTEC qualification of its kind in the world. Institutions in the UK and around the world will have the opportunity to offer these new qualifications to students from September 2020, with funding confirmed in the UK from the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

British Esports also has other plans in this space, to be explored and announced in due course, including other potential courses, an esports in education summit and more.

In this education hub page, we’ve listed all the relevant content and details on our work in this area, and will update it as further developments arise. We are hugely excited about this space and look forward to providing and highlighting career opportunities to students for many years to come.

Latest esports and education content

British Esports Association partners with Pearson to offer world’s first BTEC qualification in esports

The British Esports Association, the not-for-profit organisation set up to promote and support grassroots esports, has partnered with global learning company Pearson to create the world’s first qualification of its kind for a career in esports.

The new BTEC qualifications in esports are skills-focused and are a major step forward in supporting the creation of long-term careers in the growing esports industry both in the UK and internationally. Institutions in the UK and around the world began offering these new qualifications to students from September 2020, with funding confirmed in the UK from the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

See more information on the BTEC announcement here

Map: Click to see which UK schools & colleges are approved to run the Esports BTEC

We’ve put together an interactive map of educational institutions approved by Pearson to run the Esports BTEC, including the name and location of each one. We will be continually updating the map as the numbers of institutions offering the courses increase.


Educational establishments – including universities – are running other courses in esports too, beyond the BTEC.

See a full list of colleges and universities that run other esports courses in the UK:

Transferable skills and job roles

As the industry continues to grow around the world, more jobs and career pathways are being created in esports, creating a demand for people with specific skills.

Download deck: Esports info for colleges

Discover opportunities for colleges within esports in our handy downloadable PDF guide

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Teacher testimonials

“As of September 2019, at Barnsley College we have 36 learners enrolled onto a Full‐Time Esports study programme, who next year will be progressing onto the new Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Esports, along with our new intake of esports learners for 2020‐2021.

Esports education is providing a brand new, creative, digital learning environment where students are exceeding expectations, achieving high grades and developing personally, socially and holistically to become more confident individuals. They are employment-ready with the added opportunities for learners to progress onto Higher Education at university.

The esports qualifications allow us as educators to continue to realise our vision for our learners, in order to transform lives, ensure learners have a great time, achieve their aims and progress onto their chosen destination in employment or Higher Education.”
Kalam Neale, Curriculum Lead, Barnsley College

“We all understand and know sport and its benefits and the impact on the health, personal development and inter-personal and employability skills for learners, and believe that esports offers those similar opportunities, albeit in a totally different way.

I‘ve spent 20 years of my career to date looking at learner groups and how we develop them and help learners to succeed. In that time I can honestly say that nothing, not even our successful Sports Academy, has brought learners together as quickly as this study programme.”
Matthew Egginton, Programme Manager, Barnsley College

“It’s fantastic to have been part of the process in developing an engaging, contemporary and, above all, educational qualification that will enhance the digital skills of all students involved and also prepare them for the ever‐changing world beyond college.

Our students are very excited to see how one of the biggest-growing industries in the UK has been structured into a subject that deals with business development, mental and physical wellbeing, creating events and creating their own online brands.

The students at QMC played a huge part in shaping this qualification, along with esports experts and outstanding teachers, and we can’t wait to see them develop and grow over the two-year course with us.”
James Fraser-Murison, Director of Learning, Queen Mary’s College