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Empowering British Esports For Medal Success.

As the recognised member of the Global Esports Federation for Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and founding member of the International Olympic Committee Esports and Gaming Liaison Group, British Esports manage the participation of national esports athletes in the Global Esports Games, Commonwealth Esports Championships and other International, and European Olympic sanctioned tourunaments.

From the state of the art National Esports Performance Campus, where national teams train and bootcamp ahead of major international competitions, to the largest amateur esports tournament for students aged 12+ at schools and colleges across the United Kingdom, British Esports are redefining amateur player pathways and producing medal winning esports athletes.

Great Britain on the podium at the European Esports Games Championships 2023


Unity In Play. Excellence On Display.

The Global Esports Games is the flagship competitive gaming tournament from the Global Esports Federation.

An annual event in the esports calendar, this competition transcends borders, gracing diverse venues worldwide as the ultimate platform for national representation in esports.

Having already made waves in iconic locations like Singapore and Istanbul, the Global Esports Games is set to continue its global journey, with upcoming stops in Riyadh, China and the USA.

Bringing together athletes and teams from across the globe, the Global Esports Games spans various popular titles such as Dota 2, Street Fighter V, and eFootball.

The Global Esports Games 2022 in Istanbul

We work WITH all british esports nations

British Esports collaborate with some of the world’s leading sports bodies and authorities, alongside the national esports associations of the United Kingdom.

From the International Olympic Committee and the Global Esports Federation, to Sport England and the FA , we’re redefining career pathways for amateur esports athletes.

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Friendly Rivalries And Global Unity In Competitive Esports.

The Commonwealth Esports Championships was a competitive gaming pilot that ran in parallel with the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, UK, coordinated by the Global Esports Federation, and the Commonwealth Games Federation.  

Featuring 28 nations from across the 72 members of the Commonwealth, including England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, the Commonwealth Esports Championships featured 3 of the top esports titles including; Rocket League, eFootball and DOTA 2.

The Commonwealth Esports Championships serve as a testament to the growing recognition of esports as a legitimate form of sport, and its ability to bring people from different countries and cultures together through a shared passion for gaming.

Esports England celebrating victory at the Commonwealth Esports Championships


Competing Against The Very Best In Europe. 

The inaugural European Games Esports Championships, in association with the Global Esports Federation and the European Olympic Committee, welcomed esports athletes and teams from across Europe to compete in Open and Women Categories for eFootball and an Open Category for Rocket League.

Competing alongside 7,000 athletes from 48 nations and territories throughout Europe, the European Games Esports Championships also featured the GEFestival, a celebration of esports’ inclusive culture, games, music and entertainment, alongside GEFcon, a global convention of thought leaders and idea creators in business, esports, sport and technology on an international stage for sharing and learning.

European Games Esports Championships 2023


Sports And Esports Converge At Olympic Level.

The Olympic Esports Series is a global virtual and simulated sports competition created by the International Olympic Committee in collaboration with International Federations and video game publishers.

Over 100 professional and amateur esports athletes from across the globe were invited to take part in qualification rounds, culminating in a live, in person final at the first ever Olympic Esports Week in Singapore.

Featuring non-traditional esports games including mobile archery, to taekwondo, virtual cycling, baseball, motorsport, sailing, shooting, tennis, dance and more, Olympic Esports Week was the first ever live, in person edition of the virtual sports series created by the International Olympic Committee.

British Esports at Olympic Esports Week with the International Olympic Committee


Digital Basketball Duels.

British Esports collaborates with the British Basketball Association to extend support and assistance to the Great Britain team participating in eFIBA, the leading online basketball video game tournament organised by the International Basketball Federation.

This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive support and resources to the British team, combining esports expertise with basketball insights to enhance their performance in this global basketball championship.

Through this partnership, British Esports offers guidance and expertise, amplifying the team’s experience and ensuring a strong representation in the international tournament.


British Esports Beyond Boundaries.

British Esports has established collaborations with top tier esports organisations and leading federations globally. Our commitment goes beyond traditional competition, encompassing exhibition tournaments, exclusive show matches and meaningful cultural exchange programmes.

Actively contributing to the understanding of esports in education, we share insights on critical aspects such as safeguarding, health and well-being alongside inclusivity, and diversity best practice.

Through our international relations, British Esports aims to cultivate a global esports community that promotes excellence, inclusiveness and the overall health and well being of esports athletes and participants.


Discover the National Esports Teams of the United Kingdom, competing in international Olympic sanctioned, medal based tournaments and events.