Fostering the Future of Business Innovation and Competitive Gaming.

The largest esports and education complex of its kind and home to the British Esports Federation, the National Esports Performance Campus forms part of the most ambitious City Centre regeneration project in the UK that will revitalise the heart of Sunderland and mobilise tourism and investment on an unprecedented scale.

Our 45,000 sq.ft, multi site venue, comprises 3 distinctive zones: a dedicated esports arena spanning 15,000 sq. ft., contemporary offices, modern classrooms and esports performance rooms covering 20,000 sq. ft., and three  Grade II listed, 18th century gaming houses, offering an ample 10,000 sq. ft. of space, accommodating up to 27 guests throughout 17 separate bedrooms.

The National Esports Performance Campus leverages the power RUCKUS Networks’ esports solution for a seamless and reliable network infrastructure. ICX switching and high-performance Access Points ensure excellent connectivity both indoors or outdoors, maximising the possibilities of 5G performance.

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Forging Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s Success.

Our dedication to promoting, improving and inspiring the competitive gaming community is unwavering.

Through the launch of the National Esports Performance Campus, we’re actively investing in the growth and sustainability of the esports ecosystem in the United Kingdom.

As the only performance complex of its kind worldwide,  the National Esports Performance Campus embodies our commitment to elevate the amateur esports experience and cultivate an environment where athletes and students thrive.

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Unlocking Potential: Gaming’s Transformative Impact.

Not just an esports venue, our campus is designed to host a variety of major events and activations, ranging from esports tournaments to seminars, product launches, educational delivery and much more.

A destination for entrepreneurs, educators, innovators, and esports enthusiasts, the multi site campus includes a selection of spacious offices and modern classrooms, alongside high tech esports performance and training rooms and luxurious on site accommodation.

The National Esports Performance Campus serves as a catalyst for inspiration, fostering an atmosphere that nurtures creative thinking and fuels aspirations.


British Made. Globally Played.

British Esports’ vision is to create a world class infrastructure for the future development of esports nationwide, positioning the United Kingdom as one of the leading esports nations globally within the next 10 years.

Explore our road to success.

Coming soon, our Vision 2030.

Chester King at the Global Esports Games Forum 2022

Our Legacy

Forging Paths for Tomorrow.

We’ve been developing nationwide amateur grassroots esports tournaments, cutting edge curriculum and championing the growth of diversity and inclusivity since 2016.

Representing the nation on the global stage at international medal based competitions and working with wider stakeholders to create a range of projects and initiatives that build communities and foster a sense of belonging, we’re dedicated to increasing levels of esports awareness, improving esports standards, and inspiring future esports talent. 

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Enriching Lives Beyond Our Campus Walls.

Discover how the National Esports Performance Campus and British Esports support local and regional community initiatives, providing a safe and engaging space for the youth of Sunderland.

We develop projects and pilots that build meaningful connections among individuals through the passion of competitive play. We believe in nurturing the next generation and fostering a sense of belonging through esports.

We seek to ensure that everyone feels supported and empowered, enabling them to engage authentically and positively within the community.

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Make your visit to the National Esports Performance Campus a memorable one with our valuable resources and useful guides.

Explore our venue and the range of facilities available including luxurious on site residential accommodation, contemporary offices and the very latest in esports technology.

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