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Showcasing The UK’s Rising Esports Stars.

Dedicated to developing the very best amateur esports talent across the UK and providing a platform for aspiring gamers to showcase their abilities, the British Esports Student Champs is the largest amateur grassroots esports tournament for students aged 12+, open to all secondary schools, further education colleges and alternative provision schools across the United Kingdom.

Providing a solid foundation for the development of competitive play, transferable digital skills and personal growth, the Student Champs is identifying the next generation of esports talent and developing player pathways from amateur grassroots esports to national representation at medal based events.

Featuring the biggest esports games, hundreds of institutions and thousands of amateur esports athletes, the Student Champs is the definitive competitive gaming platform for aspiring esports athletes in early education.

British Esports Student Champs Finals Winners 2022-23

The British Esports Student Champs Explained

Unveiling the Student Champs:
Insights from the Experts

Meet Kalam Neale, Head of Education and Alice Leaman, Head of Operations at British Esports as they breakdown all the things you need to know about the British Esports Student Champs 2023-24 season.

Explore the leading amateur grassroots esports competition for for aspiring esports athletes in early education.










Delivering Education Through Gamification.

Calculating in game strategies, communicating and executing complex team plays and developing an understanding of leadership and collaboration are just some of the many benefits that competing in competitive gaming delivers.

When paired with courses and academic studies such as those from the Leadership Skills Foundation or the British Esports and Pearson suite of BTEC qualifications, programmes that are cross curricular in their nature, the Student Champs offers a comprehensive, immersive learning experience like no other.

This holistic approach amplifies a learners understanding and breathes life into educational theories, placing them in a practical vocational context for students to explore and apply. Beyond active participation in teams, students can curate a robust portfolio through various support roles, fostering a diverse set of employability skills.

Discover what the gamification of education and competing in the Student Champs can deliver for you and your institute. 


No Experience Necessary.  Where Beginners Thrive.

Dive into grassroots esports with Student Champs Open, an arena for beginners to flourish and seasoned players to elevate their game.

Unrestricted by skill levels, this tournament invites all students to join the thrill of competitive gaming. The Open is the esports gateway for schools and colleges, providing an inclusive platform for those curious about venturing into the world of competitive gaming.

Join us in the Student Champs Open, where the playing field is level, the competition is fierce, and every participant, regardless of experience, has the chance to shine and make their mark.


The Pinnacle Of Esports Competition In School or College.

The Student Champs Nationals is sets the standard for showcasing the finest amateur esports talent from schools and colleges throughout the UK.

Exclusive to the top tier teams, the Nationals bring together the cream of the crop, restricting participation to one team per title and features a live LAN Grand Final, held at the National Esports Performance Campus.

Join the Student Champs Nationals, where the finest esports talents compete for the glory and recognition as National Champions.


All Inclusive. Safer Spaces. Better Games.

Powered by the award winning Women in Esports, the Student Champs features a number of inclusive tournaments, designed specifically for women and marginalized genders.

With a focus on providing a safe and welcoming space, these inclusive competitions provide an accessible route into competitive gaming, ensuring that every gamer, regardless of gender, feels seen, heard and celebrated on the gaming stage.

Join our inclusive competitions, providing a safe and welcoming safe for women and marginalized genders in esports.

Student Champs Inclusive Cups


The British Esports Student Champs features some of the largest and most accessible esports games available today, from vehicular based football mayhem to tactical first person shooters and massive online battle arenas.

Rocket League

Welcome to the high octane world of Rocket League, a dynamic blend of football and vehicular mayhem that’s sure to rev up your gaming experience. Rocket powered cars, a giant ball, and goals waiting to be scored in gravity defying aerial acrobatics.

Developed by Psyonix, Rocket League is a turbo-charged sports game that sees players team up as they zoom across futuristic arenas, using sleek rocket cars to smash, flip and score.


Overwatch 2 is an engaging and visually stunning futuristic first person shooter, combing exciting action with strategic team based game play, where teamwork, critical thinking and collaboration reign supreme

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, players take on the roles of unique heroes, each with special abilities, working together to defeat their opponents in the arena.

League of Legends

Embark on an epic journey into the immersive realms of League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena that has redefined competitive gaming.

Developed by Riot Games, League of Legends beckons players into the mythical land of Runeterra, where powerful champions clash in fast paced, team based battles where strategic teamwork is the key to victory.


Step into the heart pounding world of VALORANT, a tactical first-person shooter that combines lightning fast reflexes with strategic gameplay.

Developed by Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, VALORANT blends fast-paced action with strategic depth and has captivated gamers worldwide, offering an exhilarating experience that rewards both skillful aim and cunning tactics.

*Only available to students aged 16+

The benefits of competing in the student champs

There are many benefits to participating in the British Esports Student Champs, especially when in conjunction with a national qualification such as the BTEC in Esports.

Through participating as a player, students are exposed to high-end competitive gaming, featuring some of the best student talent from across the UK. Through participating in one of many support roles, students are gaining valuable hands-on experience and transferable skills that will attract future employers.

Students participating in esports typically study a range of other related academic subjects such as Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Creative Media, Sport and Games Development.

Esports cultivates valuable skills in strategic thinking and problem solving. They must analyse game scenarios, adapt to situations, and make decisions to change strategies or outmaneuver opponents.

This helps to identify patterns, anticipate opponents’ moves, and devise effective countermeasures, which can be transferable skills to real-world challenges.

Engaging in esports fosters the development of crucial skills in leadership and communication. This is because competing or working in a team involves teamwork and collaboration, requiring players to coordinate their efforts and communicate effectively to achieve victory. Gamers often assume different roles within a team, honing their leadership abilities as they guide their squad towards a common goal.

Clear and concise communication becomes vital to strategise in real-time, convey information, and synchronise the collective actions of the team. Also, esports players often engage with online communities, enhancing their digital communication skills and learning how to navigate diverse audiences.

Esports can nurture the development of essential skills in social awareness and empathy, with players meeting others from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. This exposure encourages heightened social awareness, as gamers learn to appreciate and respect their teammates and opponents alike.

Understanding the emotions, motivations, and behaviours of others becomes integral to forming effective strategies and fostering positive team dynamics. The collaborative nature of esports can also breed empathy, as players learn to support each other during victories and setbacks. Moreover, engaging in online communities and forums exposes gamers to a wide range of opinions and experiences, enhancing their ability to empathise with various viewpoints or exchange differing opinions.

Participation in esports can cultivate creativity and originality, as competing often presents esports players with complex challenges and scenarios that demand innovative solutions. Gamers may need to think outside the box, devise creative strategies and unexpected maneuvers to gain an edge over their opponents.

Whether it’s crafting unconventional tactics, leveraging in-game mechanics in novel ways, or adapting to changing circumstances, esports enthusiasts can be pushed to explore new avenues and test their limits.

Additionally, many esports titles provide players with tools for customisation and personalisation, encouraging them to express their individuality through unique gameplay styles and appearances.

Players may be required to make split-second choices that can greatly influence the outcome of a match. The ability to assess complex situations rapidly, weigh pros and cons, and execute well-calculated decisions under pressure becomes second nature to esports enthusiasts.

Moreover, the demand for precision and quick reflexes hones players’ dexterity, as they navigate intricate in-game movements, aiming, and strategic positioning, creating a combination of rapid decision-making, dexterity and fine-tuned motor skills.

Esports can nurture invaluable skills in multitasking and concentration.

Competitive gaming environments often require players to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, such as monitoring the game state, communicating with teammates, and executing precise maneuvers. This cultivates a heightened ability to manage various streams of information and tasks effectively.

Furthermore, esports enthusiasts must maintain intense focus and concentration throughout extended gaming sessions, as a single moment of distraction can tip the balance of a match.

From navigating intricate virtual worlds, to mastering complex in-game interfaces, and utilising a variety of digital tools to communicate and strategise with teammates, this nurtures a deep understanding of digital technologies and platforms.

Esports enthusiasts engage in rapid information processing, analysing game dynamics, anticipating opponents’ moves, and adapting strategies on the fly. These cognitive demands enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Being involved with esports comes with its challenges, from facing formidable opponents to enduring defeat, setbacks and tackling internal differences. Esports enthusiasts must learn to embrace failure as a stepping stone toward improvement, rather than a roadblock.

This experience builds a resilient mindset, teaching them to bounce back from disappointments and continue striving for success. The pursuit of mastery in esports demands consistent practice, patience, a healthy body and mindset, and the ability to learn from mistakes.

Esports can lead to the development of cross-curricular skills and even improved attendance, as found in our work in Alternative Provision Schools.

Gaming competitively often involves intricate strategies, which can require mathematics for calculating probabilities, language skills for effective communication, and critical thinking for devising winning tactics.

As students find real-world applications for academic subjects within the context of esports, their motivation to learn and engage in various disciplines is heightened. Additionally, the sense of community and purpose that comes with being part of an esports team can contribute to increased attendance, as students are eager to participate in both their academic studies and extracurricular activities.

Participation in esports promotes the development of healthy gaming habits and enhances social-emotional learning (SEL).

Through structured practice schedules and competition, players learn the importance of managing their time effectively and maintaining a balance between their own health and wellbeing, gaming and other responsibilities.

Moreover, esports encourages collaboration, communication, and empathy, fostering strong social bonds and improving emotional intelligence. Facing both victories and defeats in the competitive landscape cultivates resilience and emotional regulation, vital components of SEL.

Competing Schools and Colleges

Explore the schools and colleges across the United Kingdom competing in the leading amateur grassroots esports tournament for early education.


Discover a range of additional support and resources for the British Esports Student Champs.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about the British Esports Student Champs?
Explore our most frequently asked questions.

The Student Champs is the UK’s largest amateur grassroots esports tournament, designed by British Esports for students aged 12+ and open to all Secondary Schools, Further Education (FE) Colleges and Alternative Provision (AP) Schools throughout the UK.  

Engaging a wide demographic of young people, this extracurricular team-based activity helps students develop key transferable skills such as critical thinking and analysis, resilience, tolerance, flexibility, complex problem solving, digital literacy, social emotional learning (SEL) and much more!

Competing in the Student Champ provides students with the opportunity to master their aptitude for competitive play or get hands-on in a variety of creative roles broadcast, production, marketing, shoutcasting, coaching and more.

First established in 2016, The Student Champs continues to help provide an avenue to motivate and inspire students and has featured in excess of 5,000 players and 700 teams throughout its history.

For more information on the Student Champs, visit the Student Champs.

The Student Champs is open to all students aged 12+ at secondary schools, Further Education (FE) colleges and Alternative Provision (AP) schools throughout the UK. 

Entry criteria for the Student Champs requires schools and colleges to be registered with the Department for Education or Education Scotland, or Colleges Scotland.  A school or college must be able to provide a unique reference number if requested and accredited to deliver RQF Level 2 and/or Level 3 (SCQF Level 5 and/or Level 6) qualifications.

For more information on the Student Champs, visit the Student Champs.

To participate in the Student Champs, players must be aged 12+ and registered to a school or college that is eligible to play in the Student Champs.  Players must be registered full-time, or part-time at their school or college and study a minimum of 4 hours a week.  Players studying online are also eligible to participate. 

For more information on the Student Champs, visit the Student Champs.

The entry fee for the British Esports Student Champs is £60 (inc VAT) per Champs academic year, plus a £12 (inc VAT) administration fee (per team entered). 

There is no limit to the number of teams that a school or college can enter into the Open.

There is an entry limit of one team per school or college for the Nationals.  

There is no requirement to pay additional fees for entering both Winter and Spring splits.

There is no fee attached to individual player participation.

Please note, the entry fee is non-refundable.

Visit Terms and Conditions.

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