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British Esports work alongside some of the most reputable global partners, in education, esports, tech, sport and policy to create a thriving and sustainable esports ecosystem. 

Our collaborative projects, pilots and initiatives are shaping and supporting the future of esports and education and bring together industry leaders with a shared vision and passion.

Explore the diverse array of partners, sponsors and brands that fuel our collaborative efforts in revolutionising esports and education.

Kalam Neale and Tom Dore from British Esports with Dell Technologies at Esports at Bett 2023


British Esports are recognised as global leaders in developing an innovative esports curriculum and pioneering the gamification of academic studies and classroom dynamics.

From empowering the growth of esports centres and cutting edge curriculum with the UK’s leading education partners, to delivering online courses and content, British Esports work with over 70% of the UK’s school and college network.

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British Esports at Bett Show 2023


British Esports and Pearson have collaborated to develop the world’s first suite of BTEC National and International Qualifications in Esports, designed for learners aged 14 – 19 and widely available throughout the UK.

These qualifications have been widely adopted and are currently benefiting thousands of students across the country.

“We are excited to be developing infrastructure for the UK esports ecosystem, but, as part of the UK’s national levelling up campaign, we are equally thrilled that the people of the North East will have an incredible facility on their doorstep.”



West Sunniside and the accommodation at the National Esports Performance Campus


College of Esports are the worlds first university-level institution dedicated offering innovative and practice-focused Foundation and Bachelor Degrees in a range of international esports business areas. 

College of Esports are the officially recognised university level partner of the British Esports Federation.


British Esports and the Leadership Skills Foundation have joined forces to craft a suite of Esports Leadership qualifications geared toward cultivating leadership abilities among young individuals in primary and secondary education.

These specialised qualifications, seamlessly integrated with suite of BTEC Esports courses, are designed to nurture fundamental leadership skills essential for orchestrating esports activities and aim to assist schools and colleges in implementing dedicated esports learning pathways for their students.

Much like the sports leadership pathway, learners currently enrolled in BTEC programmes will have the opportunity to explore the applicability of these newly acquired skills within their existing qualifications, enhancing and broadening their educational pursuits.

Leadership Skills Foundation Official Logo


Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies is a dynamic and progressive learning institute offering specialist vocational education and training – from college-level courses through to postgraduate degrees.

Confetti X have kindly hosted previous editions of the British Esports Student Champs LAN Finals and Education Summit.


British Esports and BETT are pioneering the integration of esports into the educational landscape, showcasing its potential to enhance skills such as teamwork, communication and strategic thinking.

British Esports are proud partners of the British Educational Training and Technology Show, the UK’s leading EdTech event.


We proudly partner with Sunderland College to help deliver the Full-Time Level 2 and Level 3 Esports BTEC programme from the prestigious National Esports Performance Campus.

Our commitment goes beyond the classroom, as we recognise the importance of real world, industry exposure. To this end, we arrange insightful industry talks, interactive activations and invaluable networking opportunities for students to engage with leaders throughout industry.

These initiatives not only foster a deeper understanding of esports but also empower young learners to make meaningful connections and contribute their talents to our thriving industry.

Sunderland College Official Logo


At the heart of our mission to cultivate a thriving esports ecosystem in the UK lies our commitment to building a world-class infrastructure that fosters the development of 21st-century skills and future-ready talent.

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British Esports partners with leading technology brands


Committed to transforming the future of education, Dell Technologies work with British Esports to supercharge the UK’s esports and education landscape through developing innovative and accessible opportunities for all.

As Official Technology Partners of the British Esports Federation, Dell Technologies embody our dedication in leveling up the UK’s esports and education sector.

“Working with organisations like the British Esports Federation and Intel, we hope to raise awareness of how tapping into passions like esports could be the key to fostering the development of 21st century digital skills in the UK.”



View from the stage at the British Esports Student Champs


With industry leading PC gaming innovations and unrivaled support for the esports ecosystem, Intel has fueled the progression of professional competitive gaming, delivering world class technology that pushes the boundaries of performance.

As Official Hardware Partners of the British Esports Federation, Intel continues to drive the evolution of competitive gaming through cutting edge technology and unwavering commitment to elevating the esports landscape.


Specialising in high-end, cutting-edge, PC and gaming equipment, Alienware defy boundaries to deliver the best experiences.

As the Official Supplier to the British Esports Federation, Alienware empowers esports performance at the National Esports Performance Campus, revolutionizing gaming experiences with state of the art PC and gaming equipment, fostering peak performance and innovation.


We collaborate with a range of sporting bodies, athletes and teams from across the UK and beyond to further understand the synergies between traditional sports and esports.

From high end performance to coaching standards and mental well being, we develop a shared understanding, paving the way for a holistic approach to athletic development and success.

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Great Britain on the podium at the European Esports Games Championships 2023


The International Olympic Committee is the guardian of the Olympic Games and the leader of the Olympic Movement. 

A founding member of the International Olympic Committee Esports and Gaming Liaison Group, British Esports is responsible for athletes from Great Britain & NI, The Isle of Man, The Channel Islands and other UK Overseas Territories in European and International Olympic sanctioned events.


Team GB represents the British Olympic Team on behalf of the British Olympic Association.  British Esports works with Team GB to facilitate the participation of esports athletes in a wide range of International esports tournaments and competitions.

Together, we develop support, resources and opportunities for esports athletes to compete on the global stage, aligning with the standards and aspirations set forth by the British Olympic Team.

“Congratulations on such a wonderful event… I really enjoyed the talks, met some fantastic people and learned a lot about the HE and FE provision that you are supporting educators with across the country.”




The Global Esports Federation promotes the credibility, legitimacy and prestige of esports on a worldwide scale and currently hosts 120+ member federations from around the world, including the British Esports Federation, unifying efforts to advance esports on an international scale.

As part of the Global Esports Federation, British Esports actively engages in global conversations, initiatives and standards to influence esports’ future, develop best practices and global standards and to promote esports as a legitimate and respected sport worldwide.


Sport England works to encourage and promote sports and physical activity across the nation, focusing on enhancing sports participation, developing sports facilities, supporting talented athletes and fostering a culture of physical activity for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our collaboration helps integrate esports into the wider landscape of sports and physical well being, exploring inclusive opportunities for engagement and supporting initiatives that foster healthy and active lifestyles among the youth through esports participation.

Sport England collaborates with various organizations, local authorities, sports clubs, and communities to advance the accessibility and inclusivity of sports, aiming to improve the nation’s health and well-being through active lifestyles.


British Esports collaborates with key government departments both in the UK and Internationally to diligently advocate for esports and competitive gaming, emphasising its significant educational value, positive social impact and inclusive nature.  This collaboration extends to fostering digital skills development, promoting technological literacy, and nurturing a workforce equipped for the digital age.

British Esports actively seeks to influence and engage in national conversations, initiatives and standards with various government departments such as the Department for Education, The Department for Culture, Media and Sport and The Department for Business and Trade.

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Chester King at the Global Esports Games Forum 2022


The Department for Education oversees a broad spectrum of children’s services and education in England, spanning early years, schools, higher and further education policy, apprenticeships and wider skills.

Through leveraging the inherent appeal of gaming, British Esports has successfully advocated esports as a viable educational tool that provides educators with a fresh perspective on enhancing student engagement and performance across various subjects within the academic curriculum.


The primary mission of The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is to promote and support the growth of digital, cultural, media, and sports industries throughout the UK.

British Esports actively champions the recognition of esports as a legitimate sport on both a national and global scale, emphasising the competitive and athletic nature of esports, akin to traditional sports, fostering an understanding that extends beyond entertainment to acknowledge the dedication, skill and sportsmanship inherent in competitive gaming.


Safeguarding and ensuring child welfare in sports are paramount responsibilities that demand meticulous attention. At our core, we prioritise these aspects and engage in collaborations with the UK’s foremost authorities dedicated to child protection practices.

Working hand in hand with leading authorities in child protection, we aim to develop and implement comprehensive safeguarding strategies, ensuring that every facet of our operations adheres to the highest standards of safeguarding and child welfare.

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College teams competing on the stage at Esports at Bett 2023


As leading advocates for online safety within esports, we collaborate closely with GoBubble, harnessing their expertise in next generation content moderation and detection. This partnership stands as a commitment to fostering safer, healthier and more nurturing online communities.

Through proactive measures and dedicated initiatives, our joint efforts prioritise addressing prevailing online safety concerns.  By leveraging cutting edge technology and innovative approaches, we aim not only to detect and mitigate potential risks but also cultivate environments that champion safety, support, and positivity in the online space.


British Esports is committed to fostering industry wide standards for safeguarding, advocating strongly for comprehensive measures that ensure the protection of individuals, whether directly involved in esports or part of its broader network.

Collaborating with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, a prominent UK children’s charity, our joint efforts aim to develop resources and best practices that cater to parents, caregivers and all those responsible for the care and protection of minors.


As the growth of competitive gaming in the UK continues to rise, along with recognition on the  international stage, British Esports continue to develop relationships and partnerships that promote the best of British.

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British Esports partner with Riot at MSI London 2023


The UK Esports Team Committee is a collaborative assembly comprising well established esports teams from across the United Kingdom. As a not for profit entity, the committee serves as a unified voice, representing the interests and perspectives of numerous professional esports teams within the UK.

Committed to fostering collaboration and dialogue among its members, the UKETC acts as a cohesive platform, advocating for shared values and promoting the collective interests of its diverse membership.


EPIC.LAN is a specialised provider of technical, gaming, esports and production support to a range of gaming industry events and tournaments throughout the UK, including the British Esports’ Student Champs.

With a robust focus on enhancing the gaming experience, EPIC.LAN operates as a pivotal player within the esports landscape.


British Esports has established strong relationships with a variety of publishers and developers in competitive gaming to deliver amateur grassroots esports tournaments for schools and colleges, alongside a range of projects, pilots and initiatives focused on diversity, education and safeguarding.

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Riot Games is one of the world’s most successful video games publishers, developing two of the leading games available today in competitive gaming, in the multiplayer online battle arena,  League of Legends and first-person tactical hero shooter, Valorant.

In partnership with Riot Games, British Esports is dedicated to fostering an inclusive esports environment. Collaborating closely, we work to pioneer initiatives and opportunities that empower aspiring esports athletes and marginalized genders as we endeavor to break barriers, champion diversity and cultivate an environment where all individuals have equal opportunities to excel and thrive.

Riot Games Logo


The collaboration between British Esports and Microsoft marks an innovative step towards integrating esports into education through the Microsoft esports Teacher Academy (META).

Focusing on the immensely popular sandbox world builder, Minecraft, this initiative aims to leverage the game’s versatile platform to introduce esports modules, recognising its inherent educational potential and immersive nature to enrich the learning experiences for students

Microsoft Logo

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