Working in Esports

Welcome to the world of esports and the vast amount of career pathways it offers. Esports isn’t just about professional gamers, it’s a rapidly growing industry with a wealth of career prospects and opportunities.

From event management to data analysis, shoutcasting or esports psychology, explore the diverse and exciting career avenues that await in the ever-evolving landscape of competitive gaming.

Whether you’re an aspiring esports enthusiast or a professional looking for a career change, the world of esports has something for everyone.

Production of the British Esports Student Champs 2023

Job roles in Esports

Beyond the spotlight of competitive gamers lie positions that defy convention and intrigue the curious mind. From esports event managers orchestrating electrifying tournaments to data analysts decoding in-game strategies, and from shoutcasters narrating epic battles to esports psychologists fine-tuning mental prowess, the industry is a treasure trove of innovation.

As the esports ecosystem continues to expand, so too does the demand for unconventional skill sets, sparking the imagination and beckoning those with a flair for the unexpected to explore the limitless possibilities of a career in esports.


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