Glasgow Clyde College’s journey in esports

Glasgow Clyde College’s journey in esports

Glasgow Clyde College talk about how they’ve got involved in esports and the benefits they’re seeing in this special case study PDF

The world of esports and Further Education are two areas that hadn’t often come together. Initially, the concept of students coming to college to play games might have seemed foolish to some, or a waste of a young person’s educational journey, however when you look at this new world of video games more closely, you very quickly see the skills and opportunities that can be acquired by young people.

We are fortunate that the Principal and Senior Management have been in favour of supporting esports at Glasgow Clyde College.

The college’s Principal and Chief Executive Jon Vincent said: “Glasgow Clyde College has been proud to lead the development of esports education in the Scottish college sector. Our team of dedicated staff were pioneering in identifying this emerging industry and its unmet skills needs.

“The course has grown rapidly and we are proud of the quality of its graduates, who are already displaying a level of skill which rivals the best across the UK.”

We started our journey by delivering our bespoke esports course on two of our three campuses. From back-end production or strategy and coaching, to front-end playing and commentary, the course is aimed at developing a formal setting for esports and aiding players into professional esports and the many related job roles in game production.

Download the full Glasgow Clyde College esports case study here