Corporate Social Responsibility POLICY

Last Reviewed February 2023

British Esports recognise that its ethical, social and economic responsibilities are integral to its business success. 

British Esports aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through their actions and corporate policies. 

The senior management team is responsible for these policies and dedicates time and resources to implement them, but it is ideas from and the active support of all the employees of British Esports that make the successful implementation of these policies possible. 

British Esports policy is to be open, honest and have a positive impact on each of its stakeholders including its customers, employees, suppliers, business partners, the communities that it operates in and society as a whole. 

The support that British Esports has decided to provide has been determined after reviewing:

a) the commercial activities and skills within British Esports

b) its historic charitable relationships and community work

c) the geographical location of its activities. 

Specifically, British Esports supports: 

Specific examples of the kind of support provided: 

Specific examples of the charity, community and other groups that British Esports has supported in the past decade include:

SportsAid, The Eyeless Trust, The Royal Blind Society, Vision, The Variety Club, Help for Heroes, Make a Wish Foundation UK