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Looking out from the Place at the National Esports Performance Campus

Booking &
Cancellation Policy

We prioritise transparency and clear communication throughout the booking and cancellation process. Understanding our policies is crucial to ensuring a seamless experience for all guests.

By familiarising yourself with our guidelines, you’ll further understand our reservation process, payment expectations, on site policies and cancellation procedures.

maps &

Embark on a hassle free journey to the National Esports Performance Campus by downloading our Maps and Directions guide. Designed to provide clear navigation instructions, ensuring a smooth arrival at our facilities.

Whether you’re new to the campus, or a returning guest, enjoy a  stress-free travel experience. We look forward to welcoming you to the heart of esports excellence at the National Esports Performance Campus.

floor plans &
venue options

Unlock the full potential of your National Esports Performance Campus experience by exploring our Floor Plans and Venue Options.

Whether you’re planning an event, tournament, or training session, discover how the National Esports Performance Campus can be tailored as an ideal space for your needs. Elevate your experience and maximise your stay at the hone of British Esports.

All other
Legal Policies

The terms and conditions, privacy policy and wider legal guidelines that define the British Esports Federation.

These policies are designed to protect your rights and clarify the expectations of visitors to our campus and users of website.

These policies and legal guidelines serve as a written commitment to your privacy and security, establishing our framework for responsible data handling.