Lifestyle Collection Merchandise Incentive 01.07.2020

Terms and Conditions

In celebration of the new merch, any purchases made within the first 48 hours of launch will be entered into a random prize draw for the chance to have their order refunded. Up to £150 of purchases will be refunded.

  • Only purchases made from July 1st to midnight July 3rd will be considered in this incentive. Any purchases made after this period will not be accepted.
  • The products included in this incentive will be the full lifestyle collection. These items include:
      • Block T-Shirt
      • British Esports Association T-Shirt Blue
      • British Esports Association T-Shirt Black
      • British Esports Association T-Shirt White
      • British Esports Association T-Shirt Red
      • British Esports Association Cap
      • British Esports Association White Hoodie
      • British Esports Association Navy Hoodie
  • Everyone who makes a purchase during this period will be entered into a prize draw, where the winners will be chosen at random.
  • A total of £150 of orders will be refunded by the British Esports Association during this incentive.
  • Only processed orders will be considered for this incentive. If an order has been cancelled it will not be added into the draw.
  • Winners of the incentive will be announced across our social media platforms by July 6th 2020. Alternatively, winners will be contacted by the email address used to make their purchase.
  • There are no prize alternatives aside from the value of your order being refunded through the RavenGG website.

You can also read the British Esports privacy policy here.

If you have any questions surrounding the incentive, please reach out to us on our social media pages. Alternatively, please contact with any further questions.