The Esports in Education Summit is an annual event that brings together those in the esports industry, and educators to discuss the importance of esports in the curriculum. Guest speakers from across the country (and globe) speak about topics like: the future of the industry, how students can benefit from esports, the Student Champs, as well as many more important discussion points. 

In 2023, the event will be held at Metronome on Friday 10 February with even more leaders in esports joining forces to discuss important topics within the scene. 

(Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies)

Metronome is their music and events hub designed by world-renowned acoustic architects White Mark Ltd, who have designed studios for clients, including Jay-Z and Damon Albarn.

Confetti X (Student Champs Showcase)

Confetti X is a space for students to access the very best facilities and technology for esports production and other emerging technologies.

Esports In Education Summit 2023 will take place on Friday 10 February 2023 at Metronome

Friday, 10th February 2023

Hosted by Kalam Neale, Head of Education at British Esports, and Andy Payne OBE, Chair at British Esports, learn more about the Esports in Education Summit, what is in store for the day, and how esports can have a great impact on any individual.


Join Alice Leaman, Head of Operations at British Esports, as she discusses the ins and outs of the British Esports Student Champs, also being joined by an expert panel of Danny Lee (Curriculum Manager Sport at Loughborough College), Amardeep Malahi (CHCS), and Tom Hurrell (Rocket League Product Manager at NUEL) who will share their first-hand experiences of being involved in the tournament.

British Esports’ Head of International Relations (APAC), Gary Tibbett, and Scott Santus, Standards Verification Senior Team Leader at Pearson, look back at the development of the Esports BTEC Qualifications since their release back in 2020.  As well as this, they look at getting started on the course, assessment methodology, units, standards verification, and progression opportunities with our official University Partner, College of Esports.

An opportunity to network with colleagues and other attendees.

What tools and resources do you need to run and maintain successful esports facilities?

Kalam Neale is joined by a panel of experienced educators, Shoubna Naika-Taylor, James Fraser-Murison, and Gin Rai, who have all contributed to the development of state-of-the-art esports facilities in schools and colleges across the UK. They will discuss funding and costs, networking, hardware and software, and transforming spaces. 

Tom Dore sits down with expert guests Sarah Trowler-Wren and Derek Johnstone to discuss safeguarding in esports, and the best practices that go along with that. The panel will discuss the concerns and challenges around safeguarding, and advise in relation to the esports space.

An opportunity to network with colleagues and other attendees.

Following the success of our esports showcase sessions at Bett 2022, this session will be an interactive look into esports competitions, and provide opportunities to further network in the competitive scene.

There will be an opportunity to see a competition between Confetti Arrows and Loughborough Lycans live and in-person in Confetti X – Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies’ state-of-the-art esports arena where the Student Champs Grand Finals has been held since 2021.

Dom Sacco, acclaimed journalist and founder of Esports News UK, will be joined by some representatives from the UKETC (UK Esports Teams Committee), as well as Commonwealth Esports Championship eFootball Gold Medalist Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose to dive into the professional side of UK esports.

The panel will discuss the development of the UKETC, and the values built up and maintained by the committee – as well as diving into the recently published ‘UKETC Principles’ which have been signed by all current member teams of the committee. 

Join Professor Philip Wilson of College of Esports and Camilla Maurice of MidKent College as they take an in depth look at how esports qualifications and esports participation are supporting students with their progression to Higher Education onto a range of programmes. This session will also explore the range of careers and destinations that students can work towards through studying Esports at Higher Education and how these programmes equip students with a diverse range of skills that employers need.

Dave Martin, COO of British Esports, discuss the long-term British Esports Vision – looking into the esports scene in the UK and globally, as well as projects, pilots, initiatives and further future developments.


Across the four years that the Summit has been running, we have welcomed many individuals from all areas of the esports scene to share their expertise with educators.

This year’s guest speakers are yet being confirmed, but will be announcing in due course.

James Fraser-Murison

Director of Esports at Queen Mary's College

Shoubna Naika-Taylor

Curriculum Manger of Digital at Coventry College

Kalam Neale

Head of Education at British Esports

Tom Dore

Global Head of International Relations at British Esports

Andy Payne OBE

Chair at British Esports

Scott Santus

Standards Verification - Senior Team Leader

Derek Johnstone

Senior Consultant at NSPCC

Gin Rai

Esports Manager and CL, Confetti

Dave Martin

COO at British Esports

Alice Leaman

Head of Operations at British Esports

Gary Tibbett

Head of International Relations (APAC) at British Esports

Dominic Sacco

Founder/Editor at Esports News UK

Danny Lee

Curriculum Manager Sport at Loughborough College

Tom Hurrell

Rocket League Product Manager at NUEL

Jeff Simpkins

Chief Operating Officer at Resolve

Sarah Trowler-Wren

Head of Sales & Marketing at GoBubble

Michael Moriarty

Esports Manager at Wolves

Emma "Emzii" Rose

Commonwealth Esports Championships Gold Medallist

Amardeep Malhi

Curriculum Leader for Esports at Colton Hills Community School

Professor Philip Wilson

Chair of the Board at College of Esports

Camilla Maurice

Employer Engagement Manager at Midkent College

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