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European Games Esports Championships 2023 - Team Great Britain

British Esports, the UK’s national esports federation, has announced the representatives for the Great Britain Team, for participation in the 3rd European Games Championships and inaugural European Games Esports Championships, from 30th June to 2nd July 2023 in Katowice, Poland.

Following on from the huge success of the pilot Commonwealth Esports Championships in August, 2022, the Global Esports Federation (GEF), in partnership with the European Olympic Committee (EOC), have established an esports pilot at the forthcoming European Games Championships.

The inaugural event will bring European esports talent into the spotlight, with players competing in Open and Women’s divisions for eFootball PES, and Rocket League.

Event starts in:


eFootball PES

A football-simulation game in which you can control the very best teams from across the world. Individual players from a wide range of European countries will compete against one another in a five-minute match to see who comes out on top.

Rocket League

A fast-paced vehicular football game that is one of the biggest esports titles in the world. Teams of three will go head to head to try and score the most goals in a five-minute period, using rocket powered cars.

Mark Weller

British Esports has once again enlisted the support of Mark Weller, Esports Team Manager at Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1, as the Team Manager for Great Britain.

“I’m both excited and honored to lead the British Esports Team into our very first Olympic Sanctioned event at the up and coming 2023 European Games. I believe our selection holds some of the best British talent within each title, some of which have represented and secured medals for their home nation at the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.” said Mark Weller, Team Manager, Great Britain & NI. “I look forward to flying out to Poland later this year and showcasing some of the best british esports talent on the global stage.” 



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Cerith 'certithdennis' Dennis

“My name is Cerith Dennis, and I am an eFootball/FIFA player who started competing in 2021. My first venture was into FIFA, starting in 2021, and throughout the year I competed at the highest level against the best in the world. Going into 2022 I fell out of love with FIFA, and started to slowly enjoy eFootball. Like anything I do, I put my heart and soul into it, my first achievement in eFootball was a Bronze medal in the Commonwealth Esports Championships in August 2022

After the commonwealth games, it was safe to say I was hooked on eFootball. Moving forward I represented Wales at the European Championships and the World Championships, and I loved every moment. No matter the game, my footballer philosophy is the same -I like to play attacking and direct football with a bit of flair. If I score an important goal, I make sure everyone knows it but that’s the reason I love doing esports, because it allows you to be the person you want to be, and do what you’re passionate about.”



Emma 'Emzii' Rose

“My name is Emma or Emzii, I’m a loud, proud Transgender woman from Northern Ireland and winner of a gold medal from the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships in eFootball. I’m a gamer and creator focused on promoting women and under represented communities within the esports and gaming scene – playing a range of games including sports games, FPS, MOBAs, and everything in between.

Since being thrown into a career in esports, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing companies such as British Esports, Femme Gaming, The GameHers and Women in Games, attending multiple events throughout the UK and America talking about diversity in esports and the importance of visible role models. I’ve also done a lot of educational talks at schools and colleges about careers in esports, and how to tackle online hate.

Currently, I’m focused on building myself a community / network to help as many people who want to get into the gaming and esports scene as possible, sharing my own experience and journey so far and helping the scene in the UK and Ireland grow. “



Jack 'FlamE' Pearton

Jack “FlamE” Pearton has been a notable professional Rocket League player for a number of years. A staple of the scene, he has an abundance of live event experience from Dreamhack to World Championships. FlamE started playing Rocket League on its release day for the PlayStation 4 back in the summer of 2015, and said that having a game related to two of his interests, racing and football, was a huge factor in him being drawn into Rocket League.

FlamE’s career catapulted in 2017 when he qualified for Season 4 of the Rocket League Championship Series, Rocket League’s professional league, and he enjoyed a lot of success at the top level of the game, the highest achievement being a top 6 finish at the World Championships in 2019. Despite all of that experience this will be FlamE’s first time representing his country in an international event and he’s excited for a different type of opportunity.


George 'Breezi' Rusiecki

George “Breezi” Rusiecki is an incredibly well known name across the Rocket League scene. The inventor of the mechanic the “Breezi Flick”, he has years of experience at the upper echelon of the game since his first showing at top level in 2020 when he qualified for the Rival Series, Rocket League’s second professional tier.

In August 2022, Breezi represented Wales in the Commonwealth Esports Championships, where he went unbeaten on his way to a gold medal, beating favourites England 3-0 in the grand finals in front of the Birmingham crowd. Breezi is excited to go for gold for a second time, this time representing Team GB. 


Noah 'Noahsaki' Gillespie

Noah “Noahsaki” Gillespie is a player with much less experience than his two teammates, having started playing the game two years later and qualifying for his first professional event in October 2022. A name synonymous with high level mechanics, Noah is a huge prospect and is highly revered by other top level players.

Despite his lesser experience, Noah has high prospects for himself in the scene with the ultimate aim being to win the RLCS World Championship. Having already placed in the Top 8 teams in Europe across multiple events, he is rapidly gaining experience in new environments and representing Team GB will be an experience like no other.


Euan "Tadpole" Ingram (Rocket League Team Coach)

Euan “Tadpole” Ingram is an ex-professional Rocket League player now turned coach. Having played the game since it’s release day in 2015, Tadpole rose up the ranks through tournament practice until breaking through into the upper echelon of the esport by qualifying for the Rocket League Rival Series in 2018. In the space of a year, Tadpole not only promoted into the Rocket League Championship Series, but went on to qualify for the World Championships earning a top 8 finish out in New Jersey with an underdog team in Summer 2019.

Tadpole’s last tournament as a player before deciding to hang up the controller was in August 2022, where he represented Wales in the Commonwealth Esports Championships in Birmingham, leading Wales to a huge upset win over England and taking away gold. Now having moved towards coaching – he’ll be working towards a second gold medal, this time for Team GB in Katowice, Poland.