Game Overview / Synopsis

Smash Bros is a fighting game series which features a host of different characters from various Nintendo games.

While the games feature a single-play mode and a multi-player mode for several players, esports matches are typically one versus one.

Unlike other fighting games, the levels are sprawling environments, which can sometimes interact with the characters in different ways.

There are currently two major Smash Bros games that are played competitively – Super Smash Bros Melee (a Gamecube game launched in 2001) and Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch (launched in late 2018).

Smash Bros has become an unlikely competitive esports game over the years, with a dedicated playerbase and Nintendo getting to grips with the scene. It’s expected that Nintendo will more closely embrace competitive gaming going forwards.

Game Specifications

Platforms: Switch (Ultimate) Gamecube (Melee), Wii U, 3DS (Wii U and 3DS not really played competitively in tournaments, at least not as much as the other two)
Typical game length: 5-10mins
Players: 1v1 (there are other modes available like 2v2 but they are not always as common in tournaments)
Genre: Fighting
Price: Around £40
Publisher: Nintendo
Notable tournaments: Super Smash Bros Ultimate European Circuit, Evo, Syndicate, Valhalla, Tech Republic, Icarus, Stunfest, Smash Summit, CEO, MLG, DreamHack
Popularity: 8m+ sales (3DS), 5m+ sales (Wii U)
Twitch: 1.9m hours watched in October 2016 across all viewers (Melee), 900,000 hours (Wii U)
Launched: 2001 (Melee), 2014 (Wii U), 2018 (Ultimate)
Pegi age rating: 12 (Switch), 12 (Wii U), 3 (Melee)
Other Pegi info: Frequent mild violence