Striving to develop opportunity in the community and improving the lives of those in need.

Through esports, we provide a number of projects, pilots and initiatives, dedicated to improving the lives and opportunities of those less fortunate.

We develop programmes and schemes that meet the diverse needs of our local community partners and nationwide stakeholders.

From gaming nights to education delivery, safe spaces and beyond, we’re incredibly humbled to support initiatives making positive change throughout the United Kingdom.

Esports nations of Great Britain at the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022


We harness the potential of esports and video games to create a range of projects and programmes aimed at providing life-changing opportunities.

These initiatives are dedicated to leveling the playing field for individuals who have faced adversity and may have fewer chances or opportunities.

We develop welcoming and safe spaces that allow individuals to express their personalities and test their competitive gaming abilities.

Esports Student and enthusiasts at Esports @ BETT in association with British Esports

Young Lives

Our work extends to improving the quality of life for those who need it most.

We recognise the transformative impact of esports on mental well-being, personal development and social integration. We empower individuals to overcome challenges and lead more fulfilling lives.



Discover the partners we work with in Sunderland and the wider North East region in developing local initiatives through esports.


The Foundation of Light is a charitable organisation focused on sports, education and community engagement with a mission to inspire, educate and empower individuals and communities while promoting inclusivity and equality.

Education stands as a cornerstone of the foundation’s endeavors, as it strives to empower individuals through learning opportunities that extend beyond traditional boundaries.

Committed to a mission of inspiration, education, and empowerment, The Foundation of Light actively contributes to the development of well-rounded individuals poised for success

Foundation of Light in the community

Football Club

Playing a pivotal role in nurturing the youth of Sunderland and the wider region, Sunderland Football Club develop a range of community-focused initiatives, actively engaging with local schools and youth organisations both on and off the pitch.

From creating opportunities for young individuals to participate in football programs, to educational outreach, promoting literacy, and supporting academic achievement through various initiatives, the club’s commitment extends to addressing broader social issues, with campaigns and projects aimed at promoting inclusivity, health, and well-being within the community. 

Sunderland Football Club work in the local community


Riverside Sunderland is the most ambitious City Centre regeneration project in the UK that will revitalise the heart of Sunderland and mobilise investment on an unprecedented scale.

Developing a sustainable new urban quarter, the project will encompass 1 million square feet of offices and workspace and will become the home of British Esports, with the National Esports Performance Campus.

Riverside Sunderland

Sunderland Altogether improving lives

The SAIL Project brings together officers from Northumbria Police to work collaboratively with Sunderland City Council, Sunderland Business Improvement District (BID), and British Esports to develop a safe and engaging space for the young people of Sunderland.

Committed to creating a lasting and beneficial impact on the local community, British Esports will host a number of gaming nights at the National Esports Performance Campus.

Sunderland Altogether Improving Lives Project


We proudly partner with Sunderland College to help deliver the Full-Time Level 2 and Level 3 Esports BTEC programme from the prestigious National Esports Performance Campus. This Esports BTEC serves as a launchpad for students eager to delve into the dynamic world of competitive gaming, offering comprehensive education and hands-on experience.

Our commitment goes beyond the classroom, as we recognise the importance of real world, industry exposure. To this end, we arrange insightful industry talks, interactive activations and invaluable networking opportunities for students to engage with leaders throughout industry.

These initiatives not only foster a deeper understanding of esports but also empower young learners to make meaningful connections and contribute their talents to our thriving industry.

Sunderland College Bede Campus


British Esports has formed a valuable partnership with Sunderland City Council to develop the National Esports Performance Campus within the city.

A collaboration that marks a significant step towards enhancing the region’s digital landscape and creating opportunities for the local community.

“Sunderland is a hugely ambitious city and one that fully embraces the transformation power of digital to bring communities together, so it’s fitting that a sport that is built on digital and technology is investing so significantly here”



Riverside and Sunderland Development 5G Esports Arena


We work with partners on a national scale to provide support and develop opportunities through esports and video games.


An interactive museum dedicated to the history and culture of video games. Explore the evolution of video games, from the early days of arcade machines and home consoles to the latest gaming innovations.

From vintage consoles and classic titles to cutting-edge technology and interactive exhibits, the museum offers a nostalgic and educational experience for gamers of all ages.  Dive into the pixels of the past, present and future, celebrating the art, innovation, and cultural impact of video games


Collaborating with North Yorkshire Police to develop the Cops Vs Kids pilot, an initiative aimed at building stronger relationships with disenfranchised youths in the region.

Going beyond traditional law enforcement approaches, the project aims to create safe spaces and welcoming environments where young people can engage with police officers on a human level.

Through the universal language of video games, the project seeks to bridge gaps, break down stereotypes and build trust between the local police and the youth community.

North Yorkshire Police Cops vs Kids Pilot

“What inspires me about working for British Esports is the tangible difference we’re making to people’s lives. You see it in the faces of so many of the people involved in our initiatives. People who, prior to esports, were longing for friendship, growth, confidence, and acceptance.”




Dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by leukemia and other blood cancers, Leukaemia Care work to enhance the quality of life for people affected by leukaemia and other related conditions.

Together with Leukaemia Care, British Esports aims to amplify the message of hope and resilience, actively participating in the fight against leukemia and related blood cancers.

Leukaemia Care the blood cancer charity


A charity organisation that specialises in helping people with physical disabilities to access and enjoy video games and technology, creating customised solutions including adaptive controllers, eye-tracking systems and other assistive technology.

With a mission to make gaming accessible to everyone, SpecialEffect leverages cutting edge technology and adaptive solutions to tailor gaming experiences to the unique abilities of each individual.

SpecialEffect not only transforms the lives of individuals but also champions the belief that everyone, regardless of physical challenges, deserves the opportunity to experience the magic of video games.

Specialeffect, the video games charity


Specialised in providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment for blind and visually impaired students, the Royal National College for the Blind focuses on fostering independence, confidence and skills that empower its students to navigate the world with resilience.

From adaptive technology and assistive tools to comprehensive support services, the college equips individuals with the tools they need to excel academically and lead fulfilling lives beyond the classroom

Royal National College for the Blind

Armed Forces

The British Armed Forces have harnessed the power of esports as a transformative tool to engage with individuals, combat loneliness, depression, and enhance mental health and well-being.

Recognising the potential of gaming as a universal language, the armed forces have created a platform that not only fosters camaraderie among service members but also reaches out to a broader audience.

British Armed Forces Esports

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