Raven offers custom esports jerseys and 20% discount to schools and colleges

Teams taking part in the British Esports Championships for schools and colleges can get a custom jersey designed and made through Raven.GG.

We’ve teamed up with the esports merchandise company to offer participants the extra option if they’re interested in it, plus a 20% discount.

Jerseys are priced at £28 each (inc VAT), regardless of the quantity ordered – this includes the 20% discount. The offer is redeemed via a discount code.

Please note, custom jerseys are an optional extra and are not required to take part in the Championships, which is a series of esports tournaments for students aged 12+ including League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League.

Truro & Penwith College show off their Team Vertiseas shirts


Participants can access the Raven.GG British Esports portal after signing up to the 2019/20 British Esports Championships. Once accepted, they will be sent the details by British Esports.

For the 2019/20 Championships, schools and colleges now have increased flexibility and a broader range of designs to choose from. They are also able to select the colours and upload their logo to view a mockup in realtime and adjust where necessary.

Once they finalise the design, they can place orders for the jerseys directly. This removes the waiting time between requesting a jersey and Raven sending back a design for approval. They are able to order a single jersey or multiple jerseys at any one time.

Participants can access the Raven.GG British Esports portal after signing up and being accepted into the 2019/20 British Esports Championships

Sunderland Seers

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