Emma Rose

Emma Rose winning medals at the Commonwealth Esports Championships in 2022.

Emma Rose

Community Manager

Emma Rose, affectionately known as Emzii in the esports community, is not only a distinguished esports professional but also a trailblazing transgender advocate who uses her gaming platform to champion diversity and inclusion.

Hailing from Coleraine, Northern Ireland, Emma has been actively involved in esports for many years and has achieved remarkable success in the world of competitive gaming.

Emma clinched the gold medal for Esports Northern Ireland in the eFootball category at the Commonwealth Esports Championships in 2022 and has since gone on to secure a silver medal for Team GB at the 2023 European Esports Games Championships in Katowice, Poland.

Emma is not just a skilled gamer, she is a beacon of strength and resilience, using her personal journey to inspire and support others facing similar challenges. Her commitment to advocacy goes beyond the gaming world, as she fearlessly addresses issues of diversity and inclusion in esports, including navigating online hate. 

At the 2023 ESI Film Festival, celebrating champions of cinema across gaming and esports, Emma secured the top honour for her inspiring 14 minute documentary “Emzii: It’s for Everyone”, a short film exploring how gaming helped her come to terms with who she is, and how esports became a platform for incredible personal triumph.

In her own words, Emma shares, “I hope I can help others realise that it’s okay to be themselves and follow their dreams”.

Emma, a proud transgender woman from Northern Ireland, leverages her gaming profile to speak about the importance of diversity and inclusion in esports. Despite facing severe online harassment, including death threats, Emma remains steadfast and resilient, using her platform to shed light on the challenges transgender individuals may encounter.

Prior to her role as a Community Manager at British Esports, Emma’s professional journey included roles such as a Trainee Broadcast Coordinator at Gravity Media, an Esports Ambassador at Femme Gaming, and a Content Creator, Gamer and Esports Athlete for Esports Northern Ireland.

Now, as Community Manager at the British Esports Federation, Emma Rose continues to break barriers, fostering an inclusive gaming community and inspiring others to embrace their true selves. Her story is a testament to the power of authenticity, resilience, and the positive impact that individuals can have in shaping a more inclusive future for esports.