British Esports Thanks Outgoing GB Team Manager Mark Weller

British Esports Thanks Outgoing GB Team Manager Mark Weller

Mimi Craig
7 min read | 20 Jun 2024

British Esports is proud to celebrate and extend heartfelt thanks to Mark Weller, who has stepped back from his role as Team Manager for the GB Team after a remarkable three-year tenure. Mark’s leadership and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the success and growth of the GB Team on the international esports stage.

Mark’s Pioneering Role and Achievements

Mark Weller’s journey with British Esports began as the first Team Manager, leading the GB Team to participate in three prestigious Global Esports Games (GEG) events held in Singapore, Istanbul and Riyadh. Under his management, the team secured two silver medals—one in Women’s Dota 2, one the Street Fighter Open. Mark’s strategic guidance and unwavering support also propelled the GB Team to achieve a silver medal in Women’s eFootball and another in the Rocket League Open, at the inaugural European Games Esports (EGE) Championships in Katowice.

EGEC European Games Esports Championships 2023 GB Team on Stage

Commonwealth Esports Championships Success

Beyond the Global Esports Games, Mark played a pivotal role in the Commonwealth Esports Championships (CEC). He delivered a passionate speech in early 2022, addressing members from the Commonwealth. Mark’s speech was a turning point that garnered significant support for the event from Commonwealth Games Member States. During the CEC, Mark led Team England to a remarkable haul of five medals. The list of achievements included one gold medal for Rocket League Women’s, three silver medals for Dota 2 Open and Women’s, as well as one bronze medal for Rocket League Women’s.

Mark Weller Team GB Manager Delivering a Speech at the Commonwealth Esports Championships (CEC) 2022

A Legacy of Excellence

Throughout his three-year tenure, Mark managed an impressive total of 15 teams comprising 55 players. Mark led them to five finals and securing nine medals across various esports titles. His tenure is marked by exceptional achievements, including:

  • Global Esports Games:
    • 2 Silver Medals (Women’s Dota 2 and Street Fighter open)
  • European Games Esports Championships:
    • 2 Silver Medals (Women’s eFootball and Rocket League Open)
  • Commonwealth Esports Championships:
    • 1 Gold Medal (Women’s Rocket League)
    • 3 Silver Medals (Dota 2 Open, Women’s Dota 2, and Rocket League open)
    • 1 Bronze Medal (Women’s eFootball)

CEC Fay 3 Nottingham GB Team

Chester King, CEO of British Esports, expressed his gratitude, stating, “On behalf of British Esports and the whole esports community, I want to thank Mark for his enthusiasm, commitment, and skill over these last three years. Mark has certainly set the bar for how the British Team should be managed. His legacy is secure and will be celebrated, as will that of all of our finalists when we launch the next part of our performance campus in 2025.”

Mark’s Reflections and Future

Reflecting on his tenure, Mark Weller shared, “I find myself incredibly grateful for the trust shown in me by British Esports and for the extraordinary journey we’ve shared over the past three years. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable successes, including two silver medals at both the 2021 and 2022 Global Games, two silvers at the 2023 European Games and an impressive haul of one gold, three silvers and one bronze at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. These achievements stand as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence and showcase the level of talent within Great Britain and England.”

Mark expressed his appreciation for the team’s dedication, camaraderie and support, highlighting the memories, moments and friendships formed during his tenure. He remains optimistic about the future of the programme, believing that this is just the beginning.

CEC 2022 British Esports - GB Team on Stage

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Thank you, Mark, for your outstanding contributions and for setting a high standard of excellence in esports management. Your legacy will undoubtedly inspire future generations of esports enthusiasts and professionals.

For more insights and updates follow Mark Weller on his social media channels: Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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