The Women in Esports Committee

Towards the end of 2019 the British Esports Federation launched a campaign to promote diversity and inclusivity within the esports industry called Women in Esports.

This campaign launched to celebrate females within the esports industry and has been an incredible success. Showing that the industry from players to production has a vast amount of female talent. In 2020 British Esports announced that the Women in Esports campaign is now an ongoing initiative, resulting in the formation of a Women in Esports committee.

Using their expertise from various areas of the esports industry, the members of the committee will make suggestions and recommendations to steer the initiative in the right direction, much like the British Esports Federation’s separate advisory board does. This is not a legal entity. 

The committee will meet at least three times a year – a few weeks prior to each British Esports advisory board meeting.

Our Chair is Morgan Ashurst, and Vice-Chair is Milly Clay.