BTEC Level 2
Diploma in Esports

Vocational qualifications in Esports.

Learners completing their BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Esports will be aiming to go on to further study, employment or to an apprenticeship.

These qualifications are developed in close collaboration with experts from professional bodies and businesses and with the providers who will be delivering the qualifications.


The BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Esports from Pearson and British Esports is worth 360 GLH and is designed for students working at that level.

It is aimed at students who have chosen to focus their learning and career development within the world of esports and who are looking for an engaging and stimulating qualification which will prepare them for successful performance in working life and progression into employment by developing a range of essential skills, techniques and attitudes.


The BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Esports is aimed at learners who are looking to progress to employment in the esports industry, possibly via an apprenticeship in a related industry, or whose aspirations may also be to progress to further education.

The BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Esports is fully endorsed by the British Esports Federation as being suitable for learners wanting to work in this industry. This means that it will be recognised by employers in a range of roles.

On stage at the Student Champs LAN Finals at Confetti


The BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Esports qualification has been developed in consultation with key stakeholders. This ensures that the content is appropriate and consistent with current industry practice to enable learners to enter employment or further study.

This is a career focused qualification with industry endorsement enabling learners to develop underpinning knowledge and technical and transferable skills that gain experience in a variety of different sections of the esports industry.

Learners taking this qualification will study 5 mandatory units:

  • Unit 1: Esports Games, Teams and Tournaments
  • Unit 2: Establishing an Esports Organisation
  • Unit 3: Streaming for Esports
  • Unit 4: Plan an Esports Event
  • Unit 5: Start an Enterprise in Esports (and one optional unit from the following):
  • Unit 6: Design an Esports Game
  • Unit 7: Positive Health and Well being in Esports

The mandatory content allows learners to develop their technical skills across the different unit areas, supported by underpinning knowledge, providing the opportunity for learners to extend their skills through a range of esports areas.

There are 2 optional units which allow the learners to choose a more specialist additional unit to align with their area of interest potentially for progression routes.

All assessment relates to the esports industry.

Esports England competing in Rocket League at the Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022


Learners taking the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Esports may also want to progress into further study such as Pearson BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Esports, Information Technology, Creative Media, Sport, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship or Business.

Successful completion of the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Esports could also lead to being fully prepared to progress to an apprenticeship in a related sector, for example, in events, digital marketing or creative media.

Students signing the main Student Champs Jersey for 2023


The BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Esports equips learners with valuable employability skills, such as;

  • In depth game knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Digital literacy
  • Marketing
  • Event management
  • Business
  • Design
  • Adaptability
  • Resilience
  • Networking

The skills are applicable not only for the esports industry but also in various professional fields.

Student competing in the British Esports Student Champs 2023 LAN Finals


Communication skills are developed throughout the units, and students can also enhance their broader skills in ICT, while literacy and numeracy skills are also developed throughout.

If the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Esports is studied alongside another qualification in English and/or Mathematics, it will provide numerous opportunities to develop further relevant skills and knowledge.

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