Game Overview/Synopsis

Call of Duty is a war-based team first-person shooter series that consist of several different games.

The latest game in the series is Black Ops 4. It features multiplayer combat, the biggest zombies game mode offering and Blackout, a new battle royale experience.

The games have an 18+ age rating.

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Latest game in series: Black Ops 4
Typical game length: 10-20mins
Players: 5v5
Genre: First-person shooter
Price: Around £40-£50
Notable tournament: Call of Duty World League Championship (CWL)
Publisher: Activision
Popularity: More than 125 million people have played Call of Duty since 2010
Twitch: 100,000+ peak viewers per week (December 2018)
Launched: October 2018
Pegi age rating: 18

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