Game Overview/Synopsis

Call of Duty is a war-based team first-person shooter series that consist of several different games.

The latest game in the series is Modern Warfare, named after the original Modern Warfare from over a decade ago that really put the franchise on the map.

The games have an 18+ age rating.

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Latest game in series: Modern Warfare
Typical game length: 10-20mins
Players: 5v5
Genre: First-person shooter
Price: Around £40-£50
Notable tournaments: Call of Duty League, Call of Duty Challengers
Publisher: Activision
Popularity: More than 125 million people have played Call of Duty since 2010
Twitch: 372,000 monthly peak viewers (November 2019)
Launched: October 2019
Pegi age rating: 18

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