10 Women in esports you should be following

10 Women in esports you should be following

10 min read | 8 Mar 2022

Year on year, there are more women getting involved in the esports industry, both in prominent and behind-the-scenes roles. With so many women emerging in esports, we wanted to put the spotlight on some talented individuals – so here’s 10 women making a huge impact in the industry. 

Natalie, most commonly known as Lunaris or Luna, is a Rocket League player and content creator in the UK for Guild Esports.

She told us: “During my Bachelors at Uni I bought my very first PC and streamed it the day I set it up! I mainly stream Rocket League but play a wide variety of games. We built up an absolutely amazing community that has done nothing but support me and each other! I started focusing on finding experience and work within the esports industry during my free time outside of streaming.”

After graduating and starting a Masters degree in Digital Marketing, Luna was offered a job at Guild Esports, to work as their Social Media Executive. Whilst this opportunity lasted for a year. Guild then offered her the new role of Talent Executive – focusing on producing content along with the other creators at the org. 

Megs ‘Meganyy’ Duckfield is a newbie to the esports scene, starting her new job as Partnerships Manager at Esports Scotland this year. Her history in games comes from being a full time content creator for over 6 years.

In 2015 she began her career streaming Destiny from her PS4 and since then has gone on to work with brands and studios such as Subway UK, Turtle Rock Studios, M.A.C Cosmetics and many more.

Megs has recently joined the team at Esports Scotland to be their Partnerships Manager. She looks forward to bringing all her skills that she has learned and to help grow the Esports scene in Scotland!

Freddy, AKA Dryike, started competitive Rainbow Six Siege back in October 2020 in the German version of the uni-league as a player. She went on getting the 2nd place in 2020 and in 2021 made it all the way to the top under the same team from the University of the German Armed Forces.

After that, she found herself getting started in the “normal” competitive Siege in D-A-CH region and for a short period extended to the European region playing under Lost Souls Esport in Talent League Minor, before getting the chance to play in an all-female roster in Project Athena.

From there, Freddy switched to being more of a coach than player and got into the Ascension League with a new team, but still being with Lost Souls Esport – but then got offered a spot as coach with WhiteTigerZ (ex-Penta) to play the GSA Relegation. While doing all of this, she simultaneously started casting Rainbow Six Siege around mid 2021.

VitaminP (VP) is the Lead Editor & Assistant Producer of Raider.IO, a third-party World of Warcraft (WoW) rankings website that offers exclusive news, events, and proprietary features. 

Early in her WoW career, VP wanted to help the community expand and connect, so she joined Raider.IO upon the launch of its News Section in November 2018 to write Player and Team Spotlights on outstanding players of the WoW community. For a year, VP also worked in management for BDGG (formerly Big Dumb Gaming), helping the organization land a partnership with Golden Guardians. 

As a former competitive Mythic+ player and partnered Twitch streamer, VP quickly became assimilated into the culture of the high-end gaming community. As a result of experiencing the toxicity of the competitive environment, she chose to shift her focus from gaming into both work and the pursuit of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. In 2021, she competed in an Inclusive Excellence Case Competition at her university.

EmiliaRxse is currently the most achieved, and highest ranked, global female player across the majority of the Call of Duty games. She is also the only female player to qualify for both the Call of Duty WWII National Circuit and the AM Finals in Modern Warfare.

In between creating content, Emi uses her social platforms to highlight toxicity towards women in the esports industry. By doing this, she can tackle the behaviours experienced in her own games and streams, whilst promoting a safe space.

At the moment, Emi is starting to get back into competing, and is taking part in Twitter and charity tournaments regularly. 

As a player for Parabellum Esports’ female Rocket League squad, Evie (AKA Slumpii) has developed her esports career from the get-go. At just 20 years old, Evie has competed in the ‘Women’s Car Ball Championship’ (WCBC), the Raidiant Rocket League Series, and the Intel World Open UK Qualifiers – doing well at all of these events.

With this, she has finished top four for WCBC and the Raidiant Series, whilst also getting 2 Chipotle MVP awards in the process. 

Evie said: “I’m optimistic about the future, I’m sure there will be many more achievements to come. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll lift a trophy or two as well!”

Surtic_, formerly known as CitrusEmpire, is involved in many different aspects of esports, and continues to develop her skills within the industry.

Jess’ passion for esports comes from her role as a Game Advisor for Vainglory, and now Jess hosts tournaments as an extension of her work. As well as this, she is also invested in playing games competitively herself, and can be found in many different titles grinding her way through the ranks.

On her social media, Jess works to create a welcoming community within esports and gaming – saying that “I’m a huge advocate for being more open about mental health, and my door is always open if anyone wants to get stuff off their chest.”

Julia Hiltscher is Director of CSR at ESL Gaming, founder of the Esports Research Network and the Esports Yearbook, and has been fostering research globally for almost 15 years.

Starting in 2004, Julia works on a global esports ecosystem, which is beneficial and sustainable for everyone socially, environmentally, economically as well as in terms of governance. 

She is also a retired player, competing in the World Cyber Games – as well as doing an esports focused PhD thesis: “Dota 2 and League of Legends: Two of the world’s most popular video games, their cultural aspects, their genre and its definition.”

Emi ‘Fluke’ Donaldson is an award winning esports caster, most notable for work on Rainbow 6 Siege. The first transwoman to ever cast a tier 1 Major, she also helped develop Osa, the first trans operator into the game.

A HyperX and Twitch Partner, she fills most of her time casting, playing TTRPGs or with her cat Tabby.

During her career so far, Emi has commentated for the Cyberathlete Championship Series, ESL Premiership and the Six International.

Emily ‘wicked’ Leckie is the head coach for Lundqvist Lightside in NLC2.  She’s done extensive work in youth development, especially within scholastic esports, and brings a development mindset and player-first approach to her coaching as well. 

Emily helps lead the Swedish team to victory in League of Legends, and works tirelessly to coach her players.

As well as working with Lundqvist Lightside, Emily works as the Head Coach for Verity Esports – the North American team that is up and coming in the competitive scene.

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