Anticipating Student Champs Nationals Grand Finals 2023/24: A Look Back at Last Year’s Finals

Anticipating Student Champs Nationals Grand Finals 2023/24: A Look Back at Last Year’s Finals

Mimi Craig
26 min read | 7 Jun 2024

The anticipation for the British Esports Student Champs Nationals Grand Finals 2023/24 is building, and there’s no better time to reflect on the incredible performances and unforgettable moments from last year’s finale. The collegiate esports scene in the UK continues to flourish, evidenced by the 250,000 views on Twitch and the participation of over 5,000 students from more than 180 institutions during the 2022/23 Champs year.

Here’s a recap of the highlights from the British Esports Student Champs 2022/23 Finals, showcasing the exceptional talent and thrilling matches across League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Rocket League and VALORANT.

Teals on Top in League of Legends

Student Champs 2022/23 Teals on Stage at Confetti X

Photos by Tom P Morley

League of Legends Division 1: F6th Teals vs NCP Pirates LL

The F6th Teals from Farnborough Sixth Form College, a dominant force in the British Esports Student Champs, clinched the Division 1 title. Their journey to the finals was marked by an impressive performance, dropping only three games all season. They defeated the NCP Pirates LL from New College Pontefract with a decisive 2-0 victory.

Yikesman, one of the Teals’ standout players, commented on stage: “It’s been a great journey with my team. Although, no one challenged us that much, so it’s been pretty easy!”

MVP: Tomoyachi, F6th Teals

Teammate MLK added: “I have a dream! We’re gonna win again next year!”

F6th Teals Roster: FSF ninya, FSF Tomoyachi, FSF yikesman, FSF MLK, FSF KingVyron and FSF namthab (sub).

NCP Pirates LL Roster: NCP Ihuskl, NCP AccThrower, NCP BlazeSilva, NCP NecrRk0 and NCP KiwiDux.

AGSB Become Back-to-Back Champions

Student Champs 2022/23 Soup Mentality on Stage at Confetti X

Photos by Tom P Morley

League of Legends Nationals: Soup Mentality vs AGSB

This final match-up was intense and evenly matched. Both teams went into the finals with Thomas Telford School’s ‘Soup Mentality’ having previously beaten Altrincham Grammar School for Boys (AGSB) twice, and it looked like that might have been the case again in the final as they went 1-0 up. 

However, it was AGSB who sought revenge and fought back to even the series 1-1 before taking the all-important third game 19-4, to win 2-1. This was AGSB’s second Grand Final victory, making them back-to-back champions.

AGSB player BanteryBoy76 said after the win: “This win felt better (compared to last year), I can’t lie, just because the odds were against us and I felt like they really were a strong team and we had to work really hard to overcome that. 

“We put loads of work in and I feel like the effort has paid off, after losing 2-0.”

MVP: Yuhengco2, AGSB

Student Champs Finals 2022/23 YUHENGCO2 MVP Graphic

Soup Mentality Roster: SPM Happyfig, SPM Mr Oops, SPM Wettnoodles, SPM Callum20, SPM Lovee x and SPM Tymonator.

AGSB Roster: AG BanteryBoy76, AG TB99, AG Sebula, AG YuhengCO2 and AG GMS.

Buffalos Face-off the Lighthouse and Take the W

Belfast Met Buffalos at Student Champs 2022/23 Green Screen Room

Photos by Tom  P Morley

VALORANT Division 1: VALA Belfast Met Buffalos vs CCP Lighthouse

The Belfast Met Buffalos’ VALORANT team had built up a strong reputation throughout the season, having only dropped two games before winning Division 1 North.

They beat Division 1 South winners CCP (City College Plymouth) – who had also only dropped two games that season – in a straight 2-0 in the finals. Both teams had a long journey and put on a great show at Confetti X.

Belfast Met College’s Buffalos player Darkstar commented: “It feels really good. We’ve been playing for around nine months, so it’s been a long journey. Huge thanks to the college for paying for us to get over here (to the finals). 

“Towards the end we took it more seriously and were coming up against better teams, so we had to evolve. We started having set strats and player changes, we know that not everyone stays at the college and people have lives, so we had to look at that and change players.”

MVP: MP4, VALA Belfas Met Buffalos

Student Champs Finals 2022/23 MP4 MVP Graphic

VALA Belfast Met Buffalos Roster: MP4, Darkstar, Tano, Hloaky, Scott Television, Childish Sanbean (sub) and Not Josh (sub).

CCP Lighthouse Roster: North, Pure, KrypT ES, Mesa, KoopaTroopa and RainyPrawn.

Conel Cyphers Win VALORANT Nationals

Student Champs 2022/23 Conel Cyphers on Stage at Confetti X

Photos by Tom P Morley

VALORANT Nationals: Conel Cyphers VAL vs eXeVAL1

The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) Cyphers VALORANT team defeated Exeter College’s eXeVAL1 in a 2-1 final, with DanDan showing incredible talent throughout the games in particular to be named MVP. 

The Cyphers had only lost only one game in this season, and though Exeter lost, their strategies throughout the final games were well choreographed and it was close in the end. Exeter only lost two games during the season, one being to CONEL earlier in the season. 

Conel Cyphers VALORANT player and MVP, Dandan, said regarding the victory: “I was really in the zone (when I got the two aces) and it was just kill after kill. 

“You can expect me here again next year, if we make it!”

MVP: Dandan, Conol Cyphers VAL

Conel Cyphers VAL Roster: DanDan, E5 Jarhead, Quorn, Radar and Hooch3r.

eXeVAL1 Roster: Kbex, MonkeyMaster975, Soraa, Ted and CC Coru.

Confetti Arrows Fly True in Women in Esports Invitational

Student Champs 2022/23 Women in Esports Confetti Arrow on Stage at Confetti X

Photos by Tom P Morley

Women in Esports Overwatch 2 Invitational: eXeWIE vs Confetti Arrows

These teams had been playing in the Women in Esports Pilot, which gives students an entry point into the Student Champs, providing a safe space for those who are not necessarily confident enough to compete in the main divisions. The pilot helped highlight and support women and marginalised genders in esports as well as providing insight into the current participation and gender split. 

Exeter College’s eXeWIE team were the Winter and Spring Cup winners and went through the whole season without dropping a single game. Having also previously beat the Confetti Arrows 4-0, they were the favourites going into the final.

However, LANs can result in some surprising results, and that’s exactly what happened here – the Confetti Arrows took a 3-0 straight victory to win when it mattered most. 

Confetti Arrows player garc told stage host Waxen after the final: “Being able to actually have a team that does well as one, as well as VoD reviews and scrims together, makes the team so much more evolved as a whole.”

MVP: FinHay, Confetti Arrows

Student Champs Finals 2022/23 Finhay MVP Graphic

eXeWIE Roster: Phoenix, Blizz , Minx, Say and Alzirr.

Confetti Arrows Roster: Yoshi, garc, P1XEL, Erinito, FinHay1 and KPJ (sub).

Another Win for the Belfast Met Buffalos!

25-06-2023 - Student Champ Finals - British

Photos by Tom P Morley

Overwatch 2 Division 1: OWA Belfast Met Buffalos vs eXeOW

Belfast Met College’s Overwatch 2 team won Division 1 North and had only dropped three games in the season, while Exeter College won Division 1 South and had only dropped two games. 

Exeter showed their skill, and were backed by coach Anemone, who has been there supporting them every single time Exeter has played on stage, but it was the Buffalos who reigned supreme, winning 3-0 in the Grand Final. 

Belfast Met player Opiq said: “I believed in my team, I was very confident, because the amount of time and effort that all these players put into the game is huge. I have huge respect for them, and huge respect for (our opponents) as well.” 

MVP: LDG, OWA Belfast Met Buffalos

Student Champs Finals 2022/23 LDG MVP Graphic

OWA Belfast Met Buffalos Roster: Kensa, Swift, Kuro, Xit, LDG, Opiq and JIFTW (sub).

eXeOW Roster: J3bosia, Nightfall, MISSGIRTHA, Shieda, Kyota, DotCoDotUk and DManJohns.

Owls Swoop to a 4-1 Grand Finals Overwatch Victory

Student Champs 2022/23 Women in Esports GCS Owls at Confetti X

Photos by Tom P Morley

Overwatch 2 Nationals: F6th Shrikes vs GCS Owls

Gower College Swansea put in a stellar performance demonstrating their season-long dominance, having picked up a perfect record of not dropping a single game. They are all skilled players, as are Farnborough Sixth Form College’s (including top 100 support player Styx), given they only lost one game in the season prior to finals – against none other than GCS.

Nevertheless, the Owls were the difference on the day, winning the final 4-1.

GCS Owls Overwatch 2 player Dominus commented: “I feel ecstatic! It feels surreal to win after last year and many years before that, it feels great. We adapt quickly (as a team) and it’s always winnable. We have two to three scrims a week, plus doing ranked and VoD reviews together. It all pays off in the end, it’s worth it.

“No matter how hard the game feels or metas being annoying, you have to keep at it and keep going with your team, you’ll always prevail in the end.”


Student Champs Finals 2022/23 False MVP Graphic

F6th Shrikes Roster: Toby, Universal, Appa, Styx, Sixy, Liamp (sub) and KazM (sub).

GCS Owls Roster: Dominus, Ace, Aegislash, FALSE, Lemon and Gwyn (sub).

HSDC Crowned Rocket League Division 1 Champions

Student Champs 2022/23 HSDC Storm Alton  on Stage at Confetti X

Photos by Tom P Morley

Rocket League Division 1: Runshaw Ravens vs HSDC Storm Alton

Havant and South Downs College won the Rocket League Student Champs Division 1 South and defeated Runshaw College with a 4-0 victory in the final. Their teamwork and communication was incredible, and they only dropped two games in the season

Similarly, Runshaw had won Division 1 North and displayed a great deal of skill and teamwork throughout the season, only dropping three games. 

MVP RRX100 of HSDC Storm Alton said: “We want to keep winning!”

MVP: RRX100, HSDC Storm Alton

Student Champs Finals 2022/23 RRX100 MVP Graphic

HSDC Storm Alton Roster: ojf., Ayup-_Lad, Jalkz64 and RVNS Blake (sub).

Runshaw College Roster: RRX100, KorbyGG and rl_flo.

Victory for Newcastle in Close-Fought Rocket League Nationals Final

Student Champs 2022/23 SGS FIrstshot A on Stage at Confetti X

Photos by Tom p Morley

Another final, another pair of teams that had hardly lost during the regular season.

This was arguably one of the closest Student Champs Finals, with both teams showing their mental strength and teamwork to the end. At 4-4, the final game was 3-3 and went to overtime, with Laser scoring the winner for Newcastle.

There could only be one winner and it was the Newcastle Tigers from NSCG who took the top prize, beating SGS College 5-4 in the end.

Newcastle Tigers player Trilex said after the close-fought win: “We knew we weren’t the favourites coming into this, but you always prepare for the worst but expect the best. Mentality is the most important aspect of this game. Also, we love you Turbo, we do!” (begins chanting with the crowd)

“A big shoutout to Firstshot too, you guys played wonderfully.”

MVP: Laser, Newcastle Tigers RL

Student Champs Finals 2022/23 Laser MVP Graphic

SGS Firstshot A Roster: StaaR95, cnnrrl., 9kno and Default Goodness (sub).

Newcastle Tigers RL Roster: Turbo, Trilex and Lzr (Laser).

Thank You to Everyone That Made It Happen

Student Champs 2022/23 Talent

Photos by Tom P Morley

A host of esports talent was also on hand to support last year’s Student Champs Finals, with casters, producers and hosts including Eko, Waxen, Jacko, Initialise, RoryB, CasualCutie, Suzie, LittleJoe, Puppeh, Gehan, TofuElliot, Astral, Sunderlad and Grissom. 

As we gear up for another exciting Student Champs Live Finals, we extend our thanks to all the staff and students at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, our hosts for the Live Finals, and everyone who made last year’s event a success.

You can watch the full VoDs back on the British Esports Twitch channel or watch the Student Champs 2022/23 Finals Aftermovie on Youtube.

Student Champs Finals 2023/24

Student Champs Nationals Grand Finals 2024 Banner

We recently announced the Student Champs Nationals Grand Finals for 2024.

This event will see the very best collegiate esports teams in the UK compete across a variety of games  – VALORANT, League of Legends, Overwatch 2 and Rocket League – in a LAN stage environment. 

It will take place at Confetti X in Nottingham on the weekend of July 6th and 7th 2024, from 9.30am to 7.30pm BST each day (times subject to change).

Book your free tickets for this year’s Student Champs 2023/24 Finals here or watch the stream on the British Esports Twitch channel.

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