First few British Esports Champs pilot teams reach playoffs (March 8th results)

Here’s the British Esports Championships pilot results and tables for Overwatch and League of Legends for the week ending March 9th 2018.

Congratulations to Sunderland College and Nescot College who are the first two confirmed Championship playoff teams for League of Legends, and to Sunderland and Penwith who have progressed to the Overwatch playoffs.

Here are the results and tables for this week (some games have been postponed):

League of Legends


(Note some fixtures are still to be played ahead of the playoffs)


Can anyone stop Sunderland College?!

Embedded video

NextGen Sunderland@NextGenSun

One of the incredible highlights from yesterday’s #BritishEsportsChamps @OverwatchEU game. Anthony goes crazy on Genji for the finish. @British_Esports

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