Navigating the Esports Landscape: Insights from Krys Jaro, Senior Esports Manager at Tencent Global Games

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Navigating the Esports Landscape: Insights from Krys Jaro, Senior Esports Manager at Tencent Global Games

Mimi Craig
5 min read | 28 Feb 2024

The esports industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years. Passionate gamers and industry professionals alike, have all contributed significantly to its evolution. Continuing the exclusive video case study series with Tencent Games, Krys Jaro, Senior Esports Manager at Level Infinite MENA, Tencent Global Games. He delves into his journey, the essential skills for success, educational backgrounds and career advice. We’ll join as he explains the joys of the job and his vision for the future of esports.

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Passion Paves the Way

Krys Jaro’s journey into esports is a testament to the blend of fortunate timing and a deep-seated passion for gaming. Formerly a product manager and product marketing manager, he found himself at the intersection of opportunity when his company began sponsoring esports teams. Seizing the moment, he transitioned into the esports industry, turning a dream into reality. Reflecting on his entry, he emphasises that it was not a decision he had to make but a chance to explore and learn something new.

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Key Skills for Esports Success

Krys underscores the importance of a positive and can-do attitude. Open-mindedness is also crucial, fostering adaptability to the dynamic nature of the industry. He emphasises that diverse skills from other business sectors are applicable, ranging from analytical skills for scouting players to financial acumen for potential CFO roles. However, Krys highlights communication as an indispensable skill, pivotal for liaising with players, partners, industry stakeholders and tournament organisers.

Education and Experience in Esports

When it comes to education and experience, Krys dispels the notion of a rigid path. The esports industry welcomes individuals from various educational backgrounds. Legal expertise, accounting proficiency, team management skills and emerging fields like sports psychology find their place in esports. Krys encourages aspiring professionals to bring their unique skills to the table, stressing that anything applicable in the real world is relevant in the esports domain.

Navigating the Career Path

For those aspiring to enter the esports industry, Krys offers a two-fold perspective. Firstly, he advises caution, urging individuals to thoroughly understand their potential employers’ stability, ownership structure and future growth plans. Simultaneously, he emphasises the need for an open mind and a can-do attitude, as the industry is teeming with new opportunities.

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The Joys of the Job

Reflecting on the best part of his job, Krys acknowledges the multifaceted nature of his role. Wearing many hats in the early days of his esports career, he found satisfaction in contributing to revenue growth, forging partnerships and making crucial business decisions. Now at Tencent’s Level Infinite, Krys relishes the boundless opportunities. He collaborates with partners to create new stories, products and initiatives that benefit both current and future generations of esports enthusiasts.

Next Week

As our exclusive video case study series continues to unravel the layers of the esports industry, we are thrilled to announce that Lexi Ma, the Lead of Esports Operations at Level Infinite. She will be sharing her unique perspective and experiences in the next installment.

Join us next week as Lexi delves into her journey in esports. She will shed light on her insights into the operational aspects of esports and how she went from a fan of esports, to making some of the best tournaments around the world.

For more insights on Tencent Games, don’t forget to visit the official Tencent Games website here.

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